Monday, February 28, 2011


thanks for feeling me in, ur pretty much the only one that does, chelsea does to a little but not really about the family. so that is cool they got there gifts! hoped they liked it, i couldnt think of anything for kellon haha. man i have so many pictures to send home, im thinking about buying another usb and just sending it home for u guys but then i might have to get money out of my account again... man its so hard to live in the city, i dont really spened money at all and all of it is gone so far, and im not talking about personal im talking about my support, its the same for my comp, its cause we have to spend so much on little rides everywhere, kinda like taxi thing, its rediculeous so what were going to do is keep track adn them get money back frm the mission cause we spend WAY TO MUCH! well mom thanks for everything, dont worry i really stay focused now haha its way better like this! plus we stay so busy we dont really ever have time to think about home or anything really.
This week was so full of missionary work. from monday to sunday we were either teaching or interviewing or getting stuff ready for a baptism, we also went to a way way far away baptism on the farthest corner of our zone and so we had to spend the night at the closest elders apartment casue it was so early in the morning, thn i had to conduct it. it was nuts. our baptism was way awesome thought, there was 5 of them and they were all sooo ready for baptism, now we are going to try to work on getting there family to follow. Man time is flying so fast rihgt now! its nuts. i cant belive that a week just went by. man i have no idea what i could write. there was seriously a thousand diffrent things that happened this week. so this week i totally witnessed the reallity again the scripture, "WIckedness never was happiness"!!! man this week we should have had 6 people baptised but in the interview somthing came out that is called a special case and she just needs to talk to pres, Then i was SOOOOO happy to be able to teach her the process of repentance and the great feeling of being forgiven and how no matter how bad her sin was its could become as white as SNOW! man it was so aweosme, it just gave me a reassurance for myself as i was teaching it the reality of that, how no matter what ive done or anyone else, as long as its not killing on purpose or denying the holy ghost, i can be forgiven, doesnt mean its easy thought, like we read in mosiah about almas repenting experience, Nye untill death, and i totally saw that in her as i was teaching, she felt soooo bad, and it was the right kinda of feeling bad, it was that godly sorrow, not because she wasnt able to get baptised or any other reason, but that she just felt really really bad for what she had done. thats how it is suppose to be! ah it was awesome and i cant wait tell its over and she can feel that aweosme feeling of forgiveness!!!

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