Sunday, June 26, 2011


man it sounds like everything is going awesome at home. thats so awesome to hear as a missionary...

Well as far as my week goes, i never seem to have to much to say except everything is going GREAT. im just so humbled for all the blessing that we are receiving. its just a humble experience seeing so many people progress and just being blessed so much that u feel like its to much! we have 14 baptismal dates and 16 of our investigators went to church yesterday. All of these dates should DEFIANTLY end up getting baptised too, its just all about getting them past their problems and then getting them a STRONG testimony. We even had about 4 that were GOING to get baptised moved away. so that was pretty disappointing but we are almost overwhelmed as it is so i have NO complaints, i know they will still all end up getting baptismed too. so last tuesday edwards came and that was sweet. First, all the leaders of the zones had a 1 hour meeting exclusively for the leaders. that was awesome, really learned how to help others and be a really good leader... then after that everyone came in and we have a amazing 4 hours of a strong spirit and lots of learning. I dont even know what to write about it, basta, it was fantastic! after this we ate like kings! im going ot get so fat when i get home. good food is SUCH a treat here, and when the chances comes around, there isnt any holding back. we also had a fireside that night that he taught at and it was for parents. it went really good to and i learned a lot about dealing with kids... pretty worthless knowledge for me write now, but i figure it will come in handy some day :). The rest of our week after that went pretty smooth too. One of our elders got sick so we had to visit and take care of him for a little bit, so we had interferences with the work, but nothing to much, and we still ended up with about 40 lessons taught. it was a good week!
So this week we also had a sweet holiday called "san juan day" its like john the baptist day and its just like an excuse the kids use to through water at u as u go by. we had a rude introduction to this day. That moring we were goin to ramon to observe there weekly planing and i saw this guy with a bucket of water, cocked, and ready to through it. By time it really crossed my mind i was soaked! we were inside a van too. i had no idea about it either and if he would have stopped the van i probably would have went over and put the kids face in the bucket, i was MAD. But later we figured it out and bought water guns, which we use to shoot other people :). its a SWEET holiday. This morning we went and played football. it was sweet! on the way home we saw this sweet wreck. this guy on a motorcycle trying to swerve and miss the dog that ran out in front of him, and wasnt quiet able to make it. the dog died and the guys motorcycle slid across the road while it went tumbling after it. it happened write infront of us. fortunately the guy walked away. the dog was dead, but thats what it deserved. Man i wish i really had time to write you all the things that really happen here haha. but i would never have the time for that :(. INGAT!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

thanks for the letter it was awsome. sounds like summer has defiantly started! the trek sounds like its going to be fun. i laughed at what you said about kellon being carries by everyone but his own father haha. you also asked if i had gotten hurt from in our csp; Nah, that was way fun though,
My week has been another awesome one! We had a lot of things happen. last tuesday we got the transfer list, and i found i wasnt getting moved! i was so excited! i dont wana move, its not cool, and now this meens i automatically get 2 more cycles here. can u believe i have only had 3 cycles and will probably only end up with 4. i personally love it this way!!! wendesday we went and droped a kid in our zone off that was going home and got to see everyone; it was way awesome! we just said good bye, and it was way wierd knowing i was going to see them for the last time, cause i had come to know the majority of them. Thursday we went to cauayan again and attended the transfer meeting to see who the knew people in our zone were. This next cycle is going to be another awsome one, im stocked! then friday and saturday we worked. Saturday night was HORRIBLE though. That night i had gone to bed with a splitting head ache and woke up in the middle of the night just FREEZING. i turned off my fan and got all roled up in me covers with my head all inside and i was still shivering i was so cold. i could NOT sleep. then i looked to see if my comp was cold and he was all sprawled out with his fan on full blast. i had such a bad head ache and couldnt go to sleep for ever, but in the end, ended up getting a little, and then woke up the next moving and went straight to church. i had the worst head ache the whole day and felt way week, but we i was able to deal with it. we also got a ton of work in and it turned out to be a awesome day, besides the fact i felt like garbage the whole day. i woke up this morning feeling a lot better though and i hope it will go all go away soon so it doesnt affect out work. But i have a FUNNY story, its not really funny but its interesting. so yesterday we had splits, and i was teaching at one of our investigators house. it was going good, and tatay was listening really good, when all the suddend i noticed there was atleast 10 diffrent rats running everywhere, all shapes and sizes from HUGE chicken eating ones to little babies jumping across my feet. it was sick, they would fight and get all over everything, and they eat there chickens. I was so destracted by them i just had to ignore it and then keep going with the lesson. but im pretty sure i saw atleast 20 diffrent rats and they were all diffrent. good thing i aint scared of them or i couldn'd have done that. BUt its all apart of living here. I love it here. This is my comps last cycle and he wants to make it a good one. we have to much potensial its crazy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Mom i got that package a long time ago... it was awesome thank you very much. im not sure what i want in the next one. just more pics and the scar remover stuff. You dont even need to load it with candy cause i dont wana get fat. ive actually trimed all my fat off and all the women here are getting mad at me now and saying i looked a LOT better when i was bigger. But thats just how it is here. if ur FAT then your healthy. i kid you not and im not exaggerating at all... so, ya just send whatever. maybe u can send a bottle of vanilla so i can make cookies and stuff they dont really have vanilla here... and u should send pudding mix... and like browny mixes and stuff. just mixes and we'll figure it out here :)>
Man we, even as leaders, are able to teach more, or as much anyone else i know... its just blessings though, god has really, really blessed us with success. But we have to use up a lot of time on our calling though too... this week we had district meeting, Service project and interviews we had to do this week that kinda distracted us from our work, but still, we were able to get a LOT of lessons in and ended up with around 40 or so... its just really been awesome, but it really makes the time FLY!!! this is the last week in the cycle and thursday is transfer day. im still not sure if either me or my comp with be moved but either way it doesnt really matter, to be honest, i really dont wana go!!! we have soooo much potensial. yesterday we had 17 of our investigators go to church!!! that is a TON. The work is just going really good right now, thats about all i can say about that. Its crazy how true our church is. i started reading the hand book of instruction and its funny how all of it is mostly based off of common sense. I also, in the little free time we have, started reading this aweosme book that a proffesor at byu wrote called, "Believing Christ" its soo good i would love for you to read it, you would LOVe it! but it just talks about how most young people, and even some old, dont really grasp the true essence or root of our faith. they believe it but dont fully understand it. it just explains how much we REALLY REALLY need christ in our lives and how everything should be focused off that. its just somehting u have to read, then it makes so much sense! its just a really good book! i, for one, did NOT know a tenth as much about christ as i should have or now do, before my mission. But now that i have learned, and studding all about him and his life, it makes is so much clearer, and life is just better... Christ is the center of my faith and ive just been really thankful for all i have learned about him, and his role, in my, and our salvation. I also, most likly, would have never figured all that out if i didnt come out here. my mission has helped me sooo much, i LOVE it. i couldnt put into words how thankful i am for my mission and all i am able to learn, and mst of all, that im able to serve. THanks for the support mom, i love ya, hope everything continues to go well at home. INGAT!!!
PS this picture is from our last service project i jumped off the roof into the pile of sand... it was SICK!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


On Wednesday our zone leaders arrived by 4:00 pm for an overnight zone leader council. We called it our Mission Brain Trust where our leaders put together their ideas to change some of our mission policies and direction.

They came prepared to speak about a quote from President Monson which says, "Never let a problem to be solved overshadow a person to be loved." When they arrived they were handed a list of top concerns for our mission. They were asked to select the top 4 and rank them in order of importance to them. From that we selected four topics. Then the zone leaders selected a plastic egg from a bowl. In it was their team assignments. We had four groups of four elders. Their team captains then drew out a card with their assignment. Each group was given 90 minutes to create a presentation expounding on their topic, they could use as a resource and ask for help with object lessons etc. Their presentation was to be interactive and at the end they should have an action plan in place that each zone could roll out in the near future.

After a delicious dinner of President's Chicken Cacciatore and a big green salad, the first two groups did their presentations. Wow! They totally blew us away. They were so insightful and well done! We were totally impressed.


man you all must be BUSY haha. you were the only one i got anything from, and from what you wrote i seemed like you were in a hurry too... well im glad its like that. thats awesome. i hope everything went good with the graduation and stuff too. man that really stinks for chelsea! what i dumbo man that would have been nice for them both to be working there with the gas and everything. she better find another job somewhere around there she needs money!
Well the week went really good. i did not lose to cobbs in pingpong, i didnt even play pingpong and if i did i would have destroyed him... we played basketball, then when that was done we watched rescues down under. MAN I MISS DISNEY so much. that night there was so cool though it was aweosme being able to talk with them all...
As far as our work its been AWESOME! we had a ton go to church again and we had a ton of lessons even with that big meeting we got over 40 lessons and have so many progressing investigators its almost overbearing. but we can do it, im just really really thankful for the trust god has in us, the blessings are just pouring in!