Sunday, March 27, 2011


well that stinks, thanks for the letter mom but i didnt get any of dads or chelseas, just the 2 from u, and thanks u! love reading them. man this week was awesome, we had transfer meeting and i got to go and talk with all my batch for a little bit, pincok got his trunky letter, man that is so nuts, means he goes hom in 3 cycle, NUTS! well we had a ton of work this week, it was all really cool, way productive week. our work is still carrying on, we baptise some, then find knew others that are ready for baptism, its a never ending cycle taht is AWESOME! we had another baptism this week, it went really good. me and my comp are still together, im pretty glad, he is a hard worker and a cool guy so we dont really have any problems.
STORY OF THE WEEK: so we had the funniest thing in the world happen to us this week, funniest thing that has happened to me my whole mission. the story is way to long, ill have to go into detail when im there haha but her are the justs. so we met this white guy! i was jacked, actually my comp met him first on splits and he was like "Brother! give me a hug" first time he saw him, then he introduced himself as Dr. lion dalionking johnson. then he said he came out before the movie :) hahaha. so he got his number and told him we could try to come back cause at that time he was heading to a funeral of a muslum that had been murdered and and he was dressed in all black and had a wierd turban kinda hat on. so then of course next time we were in that area we went to his house and after about 10 min of finding we found it, it was the only one with little black kids that spoke nigerian.... so he let us in his house and we talked to him for a while, well he talked to us and we just laughed and were scared for our lives... he was a nut!?!?! it was crazy. he told us so much werid stuff, it turned out he was extremly religious and was s jew that belived in jesus, he is about 69. so it was the wierdest talk ever, turned out he was a psychiatrist. so after we left we were laughing out heads off about the things he was saying and stuff sooooo funny! but to be honest it was pretty scary too, he was a NUT as in LUNNY!!!! so we decided we would give it a week, then we would go back again :). so that was the plan, but we still had some people we were going back to that thursday.
SO thursday we went back and we just get out of this appointment when he comes flying by us on a tricycle, yelling for us to follow him cause he needs our house, so we ran to his house and when we get there he looked SOOOO scared, first of all last time when we were over at his house he said he had a bunch of guys trying to kill him and he needed to get the heck out of there, so thats what we figured was going on, cause before he was so happy and so funny, this time he was scared for his life, so we go in his house and he leads us to his bedroom, there he had us get his luggage up on the bed and he went off starting to pack, and so we were helping him, it was nuts, soooo funny, the best part is we got a vedio of all this which i will be sending home pretty soon :) so u should see what im talking about. but it was just like 15 min of craziness, just packing soooo fast and stuff, it was nuts, finally he got out and we brought all his stuff out and loaded it on the tricycle, and told us to text him in a half hour, the whole time he was telling us he wasnt going to tell us who he was running from cause then we would be in danger, so we just stoped asking :). then he took off, we thought we wouldnt see him agian, but it turned out the tricycle stopped so we caught up with him and when we did he jumped off the tricycle and told us it all, what he was doing. so it turned out the black guy he was living with, who is from nigeria, was robbing him of all his money and soo he was just leaving him, he was just sleeping the whole time we were doing this, and so he was running away but was not leaving, he goes on the explain how he is one of the meanest guys in the world and his nickname was, ash, hammer, and diamond. and he was going get him back and everything, then he tells us to text him and later and he jumped back on and went away. Until this point the whole thing was SOOO funny and we were laughing our faces off, then after this it turned really scary. like really scary, we didnt know what to do, we relised we were in the middle of somthing not cool anymore, even the police were in it and it was not good at all. so we ran after him again and we caught up to him and he was on the phone, then he hands me the phones and asked me to figure out the place he was talking abo0ut, when i figured it out he took it back and i was like, " look man, we are just missionaries, we dont want to get in the middle of all this, we love ya, and wil pray for ya, but plz dont drag us in this" then he said, we had already done everything we needed to, the only thing he needs is out cell number, NO :( so we had to give it to him, then the next morning at 4:30 am we got the funniest text from the guy, about how he had excaped and we were sent from god and he was thankful we were intuned with the spirt to follow its promptings, the whole thing was funny! man it was nuts. in the end it was all just the funniest memory EVER and i cant wait till u get the vedio! u will love it!

but that is just a little side story, My week, besides that, was all missionary work and it was awesome. im so thankful for gods help weekly with my work. its cool, this last week i just finished the bom again and i have started the new testiment and i LOVE it, it was so nice to finish the BoM again, its sooo true, and u cant read it without feeling that! actually can pala but that is only if u just read it like a book, u cant read this like a book, u have to live everything it says to, that will help you, there, the book becomes a tool, and ive totally found that out as i do that very thing!
THe new testiment is SOOO aswesome, its all about jesus and his life, right now im in john and its so cool how jesuses whole mission was about fulfilling his fathers will, none of it was for him. i know my mission is the same thing, well that's how it is suppose to be anyways, and thats what i try to do as much as i can and i love it, after that its just like no regrets. it also helps me relise how hard that actually is, jesuses whole life had to be rought :( i cant even imagine, but i love being able to read about it and try to imagine it. its just really cool, strong spirit as u read that. WELL, i have some other stuff i have to do right now to so i have to get going, just know i love you all and im doing all i can to serve a full awesome 2 years! INGAT!!!!
MOM i dont have time to read this over again so please edit it if there is any mistakes.... LOVE YA

Sunday, March 20, 2011


man this week was a good one again, we topped it off with 3 knew baptised and ordained members of this the true church yesterday, it was good, we had a zone baptism this week and it went really good, we baptised about 15 so it was a good day. we also got another 65 lessons taught this week so that was awesome, i love how we can just work and work and work, we come home and just fall in bed and fall asleep listening to confrence talks, then we wake up and do it all again the following day, its the life!
the weeks are going by so fast thought, i can hardly belive that this cycle is through, this thursday is transfer meeting againg.. WHAT!?!, but none of of will be transfered here, man i bet u im going ot be here forever again... but thats cool wiht me its AWESOME here. well i dont know what else to tell u, everything is going really good right now, we will have another baptism next week too makeing it 10 baptisms this cycle :) it was a really good cycle. last week we went and climbed this mountain, on the side of a lot of waterfalls, it was sketchy! but so fun and we climed sooo far! this is one pic. well i dont know what else to say, hope everything is going good at home, btw i need to get some personal money, i need to send a package home this week and its going to kinda be a lot so i have to get a lot of money out ... sorry! love ya and i hope ur all doing good at home!

Thursday, March 17, 2011




Monday, March 14, 2011

im really sorry i really dont have any time to write right now i have had the longest day ever but its been so fun, we went up to some falls and it was SOOOOO awesome, ill explain next week i only have like 20 min and i have to just print off everything u guys sent me so sorry i cant respond right now, next week. MOM this week was awesome, it just all went so good even as zone leaders with our zone leader work we got so much done, we got 68 member presents and ended up with about 75 lessons we taught this week with like 21 new investigators, it was by FAR the best working week of my life, no resting no wasting any time just constantly going! its so hard on ur brain when u do that,its not that it is physical work its just all mental, u teach so much and u understand how important is everyhting u can share to them and by the end of the day ur just sick of it haha its SOOO hard but it was so awesome! im lovin the mission, its so tireing but its awesome! my comp is a stud too so we just work and work ans work! well i love u guys and im thankful for ur suport out here, im sorry this is so short ill write more next week, love you!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Friday, March 11, 2011
Tsunami Warning
We have received alerts from the church that parts of the Philippines is under a Tsunami Warning. We have moved all our missionaries that live in the lowlands to higher ground as there is a chance that during the night the rivers will rise. We are keeping a close tab on everyone. We will publish posts as soon as we have additional information.
Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Japan, particularly Sendai, where our oldest son served. Your prayers for this part of the world are much appreciated!
Sister Carlos

Monday, March 7, 2011


man i really dont know what to write about this week... we did a lot of stuff and were always soooo busy, if we werent doing one thing we were heading to another and whenever we had time for work we were just teaching so it was way way aweosme, it makes everything go soooo fast. tuesday we had our distrit meeting and it was sweet we had some problems in the district we had to fix and talk to some elders but it was ok, then that night naylor and his comp spent the night cause wednesday we went to a big meeting which took like almost the whole day but it was good, i learned a lot im so excited to share with others, then we got home and RAN to each one of our apointments to get them in. then thursday we did our weekly planning so that friday we could go watch others, when we went to the peoples we were suppose to watch friday it wasnt could when we got to there house, but we had to talk to them and they got it figured out and we watched there planning then went home and went straight to work again, saturday we had a baptism we had to get ready for, then after that we had to many people we needed to go see so we had to go on splits and went and taught tell it was dark. sunday was AWESOME we ended up having a lot of people start going to church this week and it was there first time so that means we are getting knew preogressing investigators again which is awoemse after all the baptism we have been doin. then we had to go and prepair a lesson cause we were suppose teach the leaders of all the branches in our whole zone, as in a TON of people likle over 200 leaders, but it ended up we didnt get to cause of lack of time. so we went and ran to a bunch of apointments and it was all awsome. so the week was pretty full and it doesnt look like it will ever slow down either, if anything it will probably start getting faster haha :) love it! hope everything is going good at home, love ya all!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

sweet! thanks for the little updates i like hearing that kinda stuff! ya we had our big conferance thing, it was pretty cool cause the night before naylor got to sleep at our apartment, i tried to go to bed but they were sitting on my bed so i couldnt and we ended up staying up pretty late, i didnt wana be the party pooper so i just let it go haha but they meeting was pretty sick! ya they took some pictures so i was wondering if u would see that. Thats nuts chelsea is about to graduate, only one sport left and its all over. thats sweet everyone is up there right now!
Our trip to the caves was so awesome, it was the whole district, it was a district ativity, we were suppose to go to waterfalls today but then everyone backout out and so it was going to be just us and 2 sister missionaries so we didnt go....
the zone is awesome, there all way way good, we just got a few "prospective" missionaries that dont make the best decisions but where trying to help them out, this week i get to go on a split with the worst one of them all :) so we will see how that is! we didnt interview anyone but we got 2 more baptisms this week... the city is way difrent, the people in the city are defianlty way harder to teach but its all good we have some places out in the bukids so we teach a lot out there and are work is going AWWESOME! even though we are baptiseing a lot of people we are getting knew ones to progress so that is SOOO awesome. my comp is alright, we get along no problem. and his parents just dont write him, there family is just like that. and we are averaging 40 member pressents a week still so the area is awesome! is the flash drive coming? SWEET man i have a ton of pictures too so hopefully i get it soon! i love ya mom, thanks for the updates, the mission is going amazing, its going way to fast too, u wouldnt belive how busy i am

We started March off with a bang with all 14 of our zone leaders coming in for their council meeting. President asked each companionship to report on the great things happening in their zones and any concerns they had. We love to hear these young leaders council together and share ideas. It's been a while since we posed for a ZLC photo.