Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is WAY hot, but its cooler then the rest of the year, its accutally pretty nice weather, but i know i have gotten use to the hot a lot too. and harvest is never over its a on going process in this area.
My week was pretty full, now that I think back on it a TON happened this week, its crazy. First of all last Tuesday we had our zone meeting witch pres attended and it was pretty cool but the best was my split with elder goobie.
We went to his area and we tore it up J we had a ton of lessons and they were all good. But then the night started to role around and in there area they have a college so they have like boarding for all the kids that attend the college, so me and goobie went there cause they had an investigator but we got punted there so me as we were walkin back I saw a whole bunch of guys and I went to talk to them and they let us in there huge house and then me and goobie ended up teaching about 20 guys and girls from ages 16-21 it was crazy!
We just taught them the restoration but it was so cool cause at first it kinda seemed like a joke to them but as we started teaching and bearing testimony all of them were just eatin it up, it was way crazy and it was so intimidating cause me and goobie were in the very middle of them and as u teach u have to like look all around and there all these kids ur age and its just way nuts. When we left we just looked at eatchother and we started laughing, I think It was one of those,” you have to be there” kid of things but it was defiantly sick!

Then we left and as we were walkin right by this road, the truck was coming right at us going way fast and all the sudden, RIGHT in front of us we hear this load bump and then the truck just flys by and this dog jumps up and just starts screaming and runs as fast as it can right at us then doges us and keeps going, im sure it went and just laid down and died somewhere it got his HARD!
Our split was just cool, after we got home we stayed up and talked and told stories and stuff with elder hardman too, it was all pretty cool. Then the next day I met the other district leader and went straight to our leadership meeting.
Man that was a cool meeting, it was all the leaders in my whole mission and it was just cool. I saw elder Naylor and Hale and that was just way awesome I love seeing them. We just talked and I found out about them and then old comps and stuff and it was just way sick. Them we learned a lot, pres and his wife are the coolest ever, it was all about the knew cycle emphasis and stuff and it was just a good meeting, I am excited to teach it to the district.
Then we got home and I got back with my comp finally. Then the next day I had an interview with some knew baptisms in my district. My district is tearing it up! All of them are way excited for this month cause we are all just baptizing everyone we have been preparing lol so its going to be aweome, I pretty much have a interview every week. My interviews were way good. I reinterviewed that one kid, WOW it was awesome!
But while I was interviewing my comp went with goobies comp to teach this other family, who brought there pastor of inglesia, he came out just in ahh lol it was funny, he was just amazed at what just happened, they straight like got all there doctrine, he said the guy was like straight devilish haha it was funny, me and goobie were just laughing at what he was saying, we have all experienced it lol it just happens here in the phlipines cause there is so many churchs.
The best part of the week though again was our attendance at church, I don’t take any credit at all but our work had been SHOOTING up latly, its just nuts, and yesterday we got 102 people at church, it use to be like 45-50, its so awesome. And then we are getting a lot more progressin investigators going now and its just awesome! Loven it.
Man the mission is flying, this week was crazy, I just wrote the jest of it all there is so much more inbetween, im learing a lot from investigators, just watching them progress and everything is just such a humbling expeiraince, looking at people give up life long habits cause of this gospel and all of it is just way cool. Love it, couldn’t go any of it without the HUGE help that im receiving. Thanks for the prayrs J

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well…. This was another pretty cool week, but when ur serving in the philipines u have to just sit in ur apartment not to have crazy experiences all the time. Well Tuesday we had our district meeting and it went pretty good, it was kinda weird cause it was the last one with all of us together but actually like pretty much no one left so I was way excited for that. Oh and the best part was when I was in my accounting with Elder hardman and his comp they were way excited and they said I defiantly made the right choice by failing that kid and right now he is just taking it all in and doing a ton better they said, man that made me feel SOOO much better it was awesome. then we went to cauayan and a little kid tried to pick pocket my comp it was really funny and it was so obviouse lol dumbo! wednsday was pretty cool man I am just forgetting everything that happened, I know we blessed a girl and she thought she had some kind of bad spirit in her cause she said she went to all the doctors and stuff and none of them knew what to do and she was way sick, then we blessed her and the next day we went and she said she was all better, sometimes we don’t even recognize the little miricles that a loving heavenly does for his kids… then right now we are teaching some kids that are doing so much better, its soooo weird teaching them and getting them off of ciggerets and drinking and stuff when we are the same age its just so weird but its cool too, this week are work really started to pick up a lot it was nice, we are getting a ton more people coming to church and progressing investigators and god is really blessing us for our work right now, it does help too that we average over 30 lessons every week, so that is nice, we really do work hard but we just work like everyone should its not that its overdue or anything… we have also been blessed with some awesome people that our helping me with my own testimony so much, we have this one investigator we just found and she is really investigating our church she is just looking so hard for what is true in this life, u can just tell she has been into church stuff her whole life and she always has good questions and its so intimidating to teach her cuase ur defiantly going to get ur stuff tested but we’ve sjust received a ton of help and its so cool, she is going to church and stuff so that is awesome. which reminds me, pres and sister carlos came to our church this week, is was way way cool, I always love seeing them, but it was a huge surprise too. Plus I had to give a talk in sacrament again and he was ther but that was alright it was a pretty good talk and I didn’t prepair anything, I just wrote down a bunch of verses, that the best way to teach anyways, just share a verse and testify of it. That’s it. Then with our lesson that night she was crying telling us how she just wants to know whats true and that’s why she asks so many questions and stuff and I just loved it it was just a uncredible feeling, I havnt felt a stronger spirit except in the temple. We also taught this girl last night that said no one loved her and she just wanted to more and get away and she was like 65 it was like she was just lookin at her life and seeing nothing, and so I just shared a few verses how god knows and loves her and anything and she was crying to but she was trying so hard not to, its just so cooling sharing how much god really knows and loves us, its stregethns my own testimony about it. Then we are also teaching this other guy our age to he said he hasn’t been to church FOREVER but we got him to go last week, he walked really far to just to go it was soooo aweomse, he is pretty funny to, he is just so chill and is just one of those guys that is always happy and smiling, and there was this one time, I pretty much treat the kid like I have known him my whole life, but I went in his room and he was totally pretending to sleep so I said something and his stomach was just going back and forth like he was laughing I was like I saw that get up and come work with us, so he just got up and started to work with us lol it was only like the 3rd time I met him but he actually came and worked with us and it was jut funny. Elder Jackson couldn’t belive it haha it was pretty funny. I just cant explain it, I just love these people so much and each one I see at church or progressing in any way its just aundescribale, and plus right now we have a lot of that going on, peole just growing, so its sooo sweet. Love this gospel, its does nothing but awesome things for every life its able to effect. Then we also went on slits with the ward again, that was cool, we had atleast 20 people just walking around with us it was nuts but its helping the ward out and the ward is really starting to grow right now. It was sweet, yesterday we had a meeting with them and we showed them who we were teaching and what we needed and im pretty sure they were pretty impressed that we had so many to teach even though we only but like half up there lol so it was cool, one of the RMs was like “ One thing is for sure!,… ur wifes are going to be WAY BEAUTIFUL!” lol I just started laughing it was funny, but I don’t take any credit, all success is given to us from god, I just know god is seeing our works and blessing us for them, im very thankful and I just keep seeing how small I really am in this work, its soooo sweet!

Sorry, im like 90 percent sure most of this doesn’t make since but its cause I typed it really fast and just through ideas out there and hopfully u can understand it J

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey fam, this week was pretty legit… lets see, first we had a ok Monday, just got things done then we went and had a pretty sweet family home evening, this lady asked my to show her family how to do it so that’s what we did Monday night then we went and taught some less active families. Then Tuesday we had district meeting and it was way legit and my district is kickin trash so its way cool. Plus I stiniking love them, then after the meeting we all went and ate together at this sick restraunt and ate some kind of weird pizza that was really good. Then I met the Zone leaders and me and pincoc had a split, so I worked with him the whole day and it was soooo nice to have another missionary to teach with it was just awesome, then we just talked a lot, this is the same guy I lived with at the begging of my mission in the same howuse and so me and him are really tight and it was a way good time, then me and jackson got back together and went and worked our tails off again, man we worked really really good this week I felt really good about it its just that the people we are teaching arnt really going anywhere, but its all good it’ll work out, we are doing a pretty good job and all we can so im not to worried. Then wednsday was pretty sick just cuase we made some weights with some old paint cans cvement and a metal bar, but there legit there a good 60 pounds maybe and then we have this place that is kinda set up like a bentch thing so I use to to bench I just have to do a TON of reps but its good, so pretty much I am working out really good every morning now so its feels really good and im loveing that. Then Thursday we walked to the moon and back, its was seriously soooooo far but it was good, we have a pretty fast walk lol so its all good. Yesterday was defianlty the highlight of everything though, even though we had good lessons and stuff it was defianlty the best cause we had 90! People at church, it has almost doubled now that me and elder jackson have really been getting after it, I wanted to cry I was so happy, I have just grown a knew love for each and every member and I just want this SOOOO bad for them. So I was soooo happy. Then we are also starting to get the members pretty excited about this work too so yesterday I had like 15 people work with me lol just go to less actives and stuff, it was nuts, and it wasn’t just kids it was like grown ups and it was cool then we had a bunch go with jackson too so we did splits and it was just really cool. But that’s pretty much my week without the details, man everything is just going really good. We come home EXHAUSTED everynight and it just feels so nice. Im loving it, man we have transfers this week too but I am pretty sure that me and jackson are going to stay comps for one more cycle atleast then I don’t know what will happen. Im cool with staying with him, he is a hard worker too. Welll tahts pretty much my week, I cant believe how the time is flying now, its nuts, right now im with my distric and were going to go hang out after this so I am pretty excited, love ya all, hope everything is going good at home!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Training the Trainers and New Missionaries

Sister Carlos -
Our specialized training for trainers and new missionaries was delayed for several weeks, due to the typhoon. So this week we had our 7 amazing trainers and their new missionary companions come in for a day of training. After a joint session the groups separated. The new missionaries were led by our two able assistants, Elder Paco and Elder Bayles. Elder and Sister Breese also took part in their training. President and I spent our time training the trainers. We asked each trainer to share with us something they admired about their new companion. They blew us away. This new batch of missionaries is top knotch. Every one of the trainers told us that they were learning from the missionary they were supposed to train. We still laugh when we think about Elder Riner's statement as he described his new companion Elder Jackson. "He's a stud!"

This is a view of some of our trainers. President Carlos says that the most important leadership job in our mission is being a trainer. Good trainers are fundamental in setting a strong foundation for new missionaires.
Well this week was another pretty full week. So it started off I guess last Monday, it was a pretty good p-day and stuff but it was raining so hard… but anyways one time we relised that there was this girl following us and she was POOR and it was just weird but I told it was nuts we finally got in this tricycle to go home and she was like “get out” and I was like heck no and she was like I am going with u and im like NO WAY lol, but she was stubbord and wouldn’t go away and she just waited and then she was like crying when we left, it was weird im pretty sure she wanted to come home with us…. cause she didn’t want our money…. but then Tuesday was NUTS, I had district meeting and a ton of interviews for baptism and it was nuts, it was a way cool experience to be able to interview people but it was horribe, so its really rare that u have to like fail someone in a interview, but it was my FIRST day doin it and I had no choice, the kid was just straight up not ready, I felt soooo bad but he really wasn’t ready, I was like MY LUCK L. But district meeting was pretty good and everything. Then Wednesday was crazy. We had our trainee/ trainers meeting and it was just us and president talking about all our experiences with them and how we can do better and stuff it was just really cool, man pres is sooo nice I love it everytime we get to go over there, there was this one time that I was just standing there and he called me into his office just to give me a candy bar and tell me he can see I am maturing a lot since he first got here and that im becoming a strong preisthood holder, it was way cool man, but the whole thing was just pretty fun. I also got to see some awesome people and stuff it was legit. Then Thursday we had splits with someone else in my district and it was cool. I went with elder elis and it was nuts cause it has been raining sooooo much here its crazy so it flooding in our area in some parts and we saw just houses like full of water it was sad for them! I felt bad! And then we walked a TON! Then Friday we got back and it was a good day, we just worked and worked and worked again and then we saw these old women fishing and talked to them, I recorded it and I am excited to show u it cause its sooo funny I would send u the pic but I just pluged in my camera and it shocked the crud out of me, they said that its ok but I don’t trust it so I don’t want to plug in my camera again, but these old women were way legit u will laugh when I send it home to u. then Saturday was kinda the same. We just worked a TON again and it was way good! Then at night it was funny we accidently got a ride with this drunk van driver and then we got out to to help this other drunk but u had tiped over his motor, I lifted it up for him then u just here ihim trying to start it but he cant! So then like 5 min later we see him walk past us and he was like, “ it didn’t want to start so im just leaving it” lol it was RIGHT in the midle of the road and I felt bad for the guy so I went and I got it and pushed it to the nearest tindahan and just told the owner to give it to the guy the next day. But it was funny cause then we ended up teahcing that guy later that same night , not him but his family, and in the middle of an intence discussion I was like “ do u have any questions u want to ask me?”: and he was like I DO and he ws like “ who pushed my bike to the tindahan?” and I told him I did and he said thanks and gave me high five, we laughed so hard, but the best part was he wnet to church the next day, he was acctually just a member, just has a problem with the word of wisdom. It was nuts, then Sunday came and it was a good day, we killed it again and it was a fast and testimony meeting, it was just such a awesome Sunday cause we have been teaching soooo many less actives and a TON came to church and I was just so thankful, so I HAD to bear my testimony even though I didn’t want to but it was awesome! MAN this whole week was just legit, we worked our butts off this week, our numbers and pretty high too, I think we got like 36 teachings in this week or something, plus we had district meetings and trainier meeting and splits, so we worked our BUTTS off. It just feels so good though, the week FLEW! And was SOOO tired though every night, one time my comp was saying the closing prayer and I fell asleep then I woke up and I was like AMEN< and I looked at him and we just started laughing lol it was pretty funny, that happens all the time though its funny, but the missin is good. I feel really good about everything right now and it all going aweosme, and the branch is started to get excited about the work now too so it should only start getting better! LOVE YA ALL

Monday, November 1, 2010

Alright so ill just tell a little about my week real quick. Well this week has been pretty bomb actually. We had a good p day last week and then we got to work, Man I have seriously been workin my butt off, I cant expain how tired I am by 8 o clock its nuts! Im loving it though. Im really starting to get lost in it, the weeks are like days now and then here I am emailing u guys again, but this week was really cool. We had a zone meeting which was sick and then I got to interview my district, it was so awesome, its so crazy but I LOVE each one of them and like im just as worried for any of them as for my work and my self its cray, this week I will have my first interview for baptism so pray for me haha… but im really excited I know its going ot be a awesome opportunity. Then wendsday we worked all day! Then thurday we had exchanges, I had to go with this kid in my district that was kinda struggling and man I swear we had the best day ever, the kid is a stud with a TON of potential u just have to know how to work with him, but I prayed a TON for this split and that I would be abe to help him out and god defiantly answered that pray, man it was one of the best splits I had, and we really only got to teach one guy and we KILLED it, it was so awesome, we commited the guy to be baptized and he really wanted to and said he would go to church and everything and man it was just such a good lesson for two people that have NEVER taught together, its so nice having someone to actually teach with, my comp obviously cant do that yet but its ok he is growing sooo much and its cool to watch that happen. But the split was just awesome, I got to stay in the apartment with 4 hours, and that was like the best night, we just messed around and hardman my batch wasthere and we just hung out and talked and it was just awesome. Them we came back, then Saturday we had a baptism, and guess what… Pres came to our baptism…. it was nuts, I mean he has a WHOLE mission he can go to at any time and he comes to this one, then he brought a AP and 3 zone leaders with him…. It was crazy, and then just cause he was there allthe sudden no one would speak or wanted to do anything it was nuts, but elder Jackson got to baptize the kid, SOOOO awesome I was glad he got that opportunity. And then pres said it was a good baptism and its just always soooo aw\esome to see pres I love the guy. Then he gave me my PACKAGE! Man I was soooooo jacked, thank u so much, it was all I could do to keep put it aside and go straight to work but that is what we did and I was so glad I did cause we had AWESOME lessons that day it was just a good day, but I watched the vedio, I just got done watching it here too, man I love it, payton is way fast lol and then it was so sick to watch all the kids play games and stuff and man CARSON is still such a NUT!.. man that was awesome though. I loved it thank u sooo much. But pretty much me and elder Jackson are just tearing it up, I mean we are doing the best we can with what we can, the only thing that we are strugging with is getting the ward to help us but im trying to fix it and ive been getting some meetings set up so its good, even though its like pulling teeth … J. Pretty much im loving it all sooo much, im surprised how much a am growing. Its just all SUCH a humbling experience, everything. Just how much I NEED my god in everything I do and how we pray atleast 20 different times a day and just thank him and ask for his help and just always talking with him and feeling his love for these peope we teach like really loving them and wanted to help them out SOOOO much, not for another number or to take up time but just because u LOVE them, its sooo cool.