Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks for the info mom that was great. Sounds like it was quite a wild week, that makes them FLY. The transfer went way awesome. Sending a comp home was weird but getting another stud made it all better. My knew comp is way cool, and a hard worker. Im so excited for this cycle, but im kinda scared. I know it going to FLY:(... I DONT WANT THIS TO BE OVER. This week was wierd. We had a bagyo that was a number 2, it was pretty strong, but we never got the lock down text, so i went out and worked.... it was funny, everyone was telling us to get indoors cause the sheet metal was going to cut off out heads. It was a reasonable concern, but... it was way to fun walking out side getting SOAKED to the bone and teaching people in the middle of a bagyo. They couldnt believe we were still working. Needless to say all my stuff has just been getting soaked, that isnt fun. Besides that though we received a ton of new people in our zone that i am excited to meet and im really looking forward to what kinda things we can accomplish this cycle as a zone. THe zone is doing better then it ever has, and i just dont want that to change. our work is also going really good. We will have 2 more baptisms this next week and we have been finding some new potential investigators so im really excited for our work. No complaints. I know i am getting way skinny though, everyone reminds me of it everyday, but there really isnt anything i can do about it.... I just get sick and its all gone... im not to worried about it though. ima just get big when i get home.

Man im loving it out here mom, the work is awesome, my comp is a stud and i am always just way happy. Hope everything at home is going good too.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Man my comp is going home in 2 days. Its nuts, i cant belive it!!! But im also excited for my knew comp. We're going to own. We have so many investigators right now that are progressing and the work is just going awesome. God continues to bless us with a ton of work and people that are ready. So we had 6 baptisms this week and we put together a Stake baptism that went really good. Our whole zone brought all the investigators and we had over 18 baptised in our whole zone. Which is a TON just for one week!!! President came and it went really good. Dang it i want to send you these pics but i dont have the cord. next week ill defiantly have to. But besides that not to much has happened. And at the same time a lot has. I went on 2 splits this week trying to train and help other missionaries and they both turned out really successful!!! i love being a missionary, and a leader so i can help other fulfill the purpose too.
Banue was so sick mom, i loved it. Its a story for another time though, we are low on time and i had to write all you guys. Next week ill send you a bunch of SICK pictures. Love ya mom, thanks for all ya do!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

man i wouldnt have tooken stud in, i would have just shot him... Its just like that, they always die. When i get a dog i will make sure its safe first. Man that stinks though. i feel bad for all these dogs of ours.
Well sounds like things are a littly hectic at home... Glad i dont have to deal with taht worthless nonsense... Well are work went great this week. We had our zone meeting which went awesome. After it i got to have a little interview with president which was awesome too! i love him so much, he is just an awesome guy. After that it was our zones turn to do "apartment checks" so that took up a lot of time... It was cool and all but we have a TON of work... In the end it all worked out great. Our biggest goal was to get people ready for their interviews this last weekend, which we accomplished, and they all Passes so far. So as of now we have 5 people that will be baptised and there should be one more that is being interviewd this tuesday. So everything has been going good. ON top of all that, we have also been finding some new investigators that are ready for the gospel so we were able to give other people some baptism goal dates too. The work just keeps on rolling... And thats exactly how i LOVE it. Im so glad i still ahve another cycle here. if it were my choice i would just end my mission here... My comp is hanging in there. His last cycle is exactly how i want mine to be. You would never guess he goes home in 9 days! i love it, its good. So everything s going good. Im loving the work, and even with the distractions we still got a TON of work done. THese people that are about to be baptised are amazing too. they're all very ready for it and im excited for this weekend. We are actually having a stake baptism so its going to be great. A ton of people are getting baptised. The zone is doing amazing right now too. Numbers are higher then EVER, and its just so cool. Well the missions going great. it jut keeps on rolling with no signs of slowing down. Thanks for everything, i love ya, stay safe!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


We do tract whenever we have time but right now we dont really have time cause our teaching pool is full! So when are you guys going on this trip? sounds like it will be fun! Its the 4th right now and i asked pres for permision to watch the other side of heaven. he said we could so thats what we are going later. Sounds like everyone is staying busy at the house. thats good. love to hear that your all doing good!
Well this week was pretty sweet! we had a lot of time to work and stuff so it was great. We ended up having quiet a bit of lessons and 20 of our investigators went to church yesterday. it was SOOO awesome! We should have a lot of baptisms this cycle and a ton next cycle too. i think we have 14 with date. and these others that are going to church should have a date by the end of the week. 4 of our investigators passed their interview last saturday so they will all be baptized this following week. god has really been blessing us with a ton of work. we even found a knew family that wants to be taught. we only visited her friday, and she went to church on sunday. She is so cool and wil defianlty end up getting baptized with her family. im excited to start teaching her this week. But the whole week was just awesome. im really excited about our work here right now. The only bad part about this week started sunday morning at about 3:30. i woke up really sick again with a high fever :(. I went to church feeling like CRUD and just had to endure. When we got home i tryed to take a nap but my head was killing so i checked my temp and i was only like 102.6. My whole body was just really week though. i took some medicen which helped me work for a little bit but i eventually had to come home and just rest. All yesterday my fever refused to leave. Last night was one of the worst nights of my life. I didnt sleep more then 2 hours, i was pukeing, and just felt horrible the whole night. This morning i felt a little better but i still need to rest. after i email im just going to go back to the house a rest, then were going to watch the other side of heaven. so that will be nice.