Monday, February 7, 2011


So this week was pretty good. I think I wana right about the power of
the book of morman this week cause I had a sweet experience. So we
have this one less active guy that we found. I LOVE this guy, he is
such a stud, pretty much he was baptized when he was a kid and didn’t
really go to church and now he is married and has a little kid. So we
have gotten him back to church and stuff and at the same time were
trying to get his wife to join the church. Turns out she is pretty set
in her ways and when we asked her to be baptized in this church she
was sooooo turned off and wouldn’t face us anymore or anything, it was
a bummer, so pretty much her husband was bummed and I felt bad, he was
doing really good, and he knew the church was true so he really wanted
to for his wife. All we could really do was teach the BoM to her and
try to get her to read and find out if it was all true, so we got her
one time to kinda sit in a lesson, by luck, and we taught the BoM to
her. It was a good lesson, very clear, either the book is true and
EVERYTHING else is true, or its not and EVERYTHING else is not. So we
laid that out for her and let her find out for herself, after that we
didn’t get to teach her, but found out she was reading the BoM little
by little, pretty soon she started to sit in on the lessons but she
is so shy we wouldn’t direct it to her in any way, in fear of her
running off again, so we just let her be and let her listen. Pretty
soon she started coming to church and we started including her in
lessons. So again I got up the courage and talked to her about
baptism. I didn’t force it on her I just told her when she is ready we
would really like to help her out here. I wasn’t sure how she felt
about it until yesterday, her husband went to church on his little
bike and he comes up to elder Jackson and was like” im kinda happy, my
wife wants to get baptized now…” WOW I was so happy, so yesterday I
went to her house and I was talking to her about it, and I told her
how we were going to get the husband the priesthood and he was going
to baptize her, MAN it was soooo awesome, they were way excited for it
and I also gave her a date, unfortunately I will no longer be here to
see it but I know it will happen and im so excited her them! But it
wasn’t because me and my comp are awesome missionaries, it wasn’t
because of one lesson that just blew her mind and she felt the holly
ghost, it was all because she took a few mintues out of her day and
she read the BOOK! This book has a power, I felt it was a kid in
family scripture study, I never prayed to know if jospeh was a prophet
and got and answer, I didn’t even pray to know if this church is true,
but I remember as a little kid, way little, not even understanding the
words I was reading, I rememeber reading the book morman and the holly
ghost just beating me with a hammer telling me it was true and that I
needed to always use it as I grew up and it would solve all my
problems. Im so greatful for this book and the effect its had in my
own personal life, and even more, the effect it has made in the lives
I have seen it change. I know god prepared this book for no one else
except this, our generation and I am so thankful for that. I know its
true and that anyone who reads it will get personal revelation, from
god, through the spirit, that it is true. I love you all, I hope u
will use this gift from god and read it daily. I know it will have a
huge impact on your lives like its had on mine.

on my mission i really thought i was going to be able to see her
again. guess not, ill just have to wait till the next life. so was she
crying or anything, i think i would be a little scared to die. in
those last moments is were ur testimony would defianlty get tried...
so cool. man its cool we know edsactly where she is right now, spirit
world, and it says that for everyone that lived a good life and
repented, its paradise and there we just get to rest. she totally
lived a good life and her test is over, how lucky is that. man really
puts everything in perspective. thats funny, cause this week i talked
at a funeral in front of a BUNCH of people. i used grandma as my
referance, i told them that i had a grandma that was close to dieing
and that i had probably already seen her for the last time in this
earlthy state, but then i told them i dont have to worry cause i know
if i live and do whats right that i would surly see her in the next
life and that was last tuesday, which would have been wednesday for u
guys, it was way comforting to bear that testimony too cause i could
just feel that it was true. it was so crazy, i taught the whole plan
of salvation starting from death to the 3 kingdoms

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