Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

Whats up? Man the mtc is really going by fast now I can't believe it. Ya I heard the same thing you did but I don't know if it's true I think we get our flight plans this week, then I'll know for sure. Good ya got the card lol. Hey I tryed to write Chelsea on her email thing but I don't think she got it. Well I'm still learning a ton but its tough. We saw pictures of the place I'm going and its definetly the best mission in the Philippines just kidding, I don't know but the rice things are the coolest thing ever and I can't wait to send you pictures when I get there they will blow your mind for real. Man I don't know what to write... it's the same freakin thing except for how much I am learning and I cant really type that lol but I am learning a ton. I finished the BoM yesterday and I started it the day I got here. I was going to do that thing to pray to see if its true and I started to do it and then I just stoped and I was like I don't need to do this it's a waist of time. I already know it's true more then anything in the world so I'm starting to read Jesus is the Christ now. Its a really good book too. I really had never known how important Jesus was in our lives. I always thought of God as the most most most important thing but I have really learned a lot about that and how Jesus is so important and after I learned that things seemed to go so much better for me and I just wanted to learn and teach and try to hard its awesome. Oh ya and the other exciting thing is that my teacher got engaged to his girl friend. It was awesome lol except he had it all planned out and stuff and he told us before he even asked her which surprised me but then when he went to do it it snowed and he recked and it
was horrible lol but he asked her yesterday and she said yes so that cool he is way way cool. Alright well that's it. Life for me might sound boring but it is not lol its the best. Love ya all. Try to be good lol best advise I can give from were I am lol.

Elder Riner

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 15, 2010

Hey guys. The MTC is pretty much the same thing. I'll try to send a CD home of pictures but I have a bunch that I am going to send today but the thing is it takes forever for mailed letters to get there and here. Ya I weight like 160 something now it's awesome our teacher told us to put on as much weight as possible so that's what I'm trying to do and I've gotten a lot stonger too and I do do diffrent kinds of pushups regualar spread and real close my comp has the things too his mom just bought him some and it came with a sweet workout that is way tough but its awesome. Ya the MTC is starting to go by the people that were right above us left today so were next. We learned how to barter this week it was so freakin cool. My first lesson in tagalog went really good too the guy we taught said he was really impressed with are tagalog in the MTC but i still have sooooo much to learn but im learning 25 words a day now which is hard and im always studing but it makes time fly by. Ive seen and talked to maralee and jacob a lot maralee was in my gym for a while idk if she still is. I almost broke this kids nose the other day in volleyball ive gotten pretty good at it lol and i nailed him in the face hard with a spike i felt so bad but it was all good and i saw him and apaligised today. Me and my comp has some investigators in the RC thing were you call people i think we have like 4 of them. some pople dont want the missionaries but they like talkin to uys so they will let us teach them so its pretty cool.Alright well i dont know what else to day everything is going pretty good i love you all and i hope everything is going good at the house.

Elder Riner

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Nope ya missed me lol. I usually get on and read some and then get on later and write back. Anyways the MTC has been pretty good this week. We are suppose to be talking all tagalog but we were just really quiet and that was boring so it lasted about a morning when it was suppose to last tell we leave. But we teach the whole first lesson in all tagalog. And the crazy thing is i think im going to be able to do it. But i still have a lot fto learn. Tell dane i want a letter in tagalog though lol that would be sweet. Oh ya mom you letter said somehting about being scared of ghost but more scared of something else. i dont remeber exactly. But anyways the MTC is still going faster then before but i still just want to get out to the field. Even though im not ready at all i want the Do or Die. i Think thats how i will learn the best. Ya i saw ridge a bunch of times and we talked a lot but that freakin punk got to leave today that is so lucky. But anyways i dont know what else to say. Im learning a tun and i love it and learning makes the time go way faster. Oh ya i want Grandma and grandpa Nielson and Riners house address so i can write them sometime. oh and i got the pictures. Thank you so much i love them. Anyways i have nothin more to say. Have a good week. Love ya all and i hope to here from ya sometime. BE safe.

Elder Riner

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Ya dont worry the only way i am coming home early is in a casket. I decided that a long time ago. One of my good frineds had to go home this week cause of depression he was so cool too it sucked. He is the one that called me pretty eye lol. Oh ya i never told you i had a black eye for a few weeks cause of backetball. Its brutal lol everyone guessed it was basketball too. Man i watched the Testiment last night and it is a really good movie i remeber seeing it at the house one time but it really put things into perspective. Its crazy how little this earth life is compaired to an Eternity. How important does that make every decission in our lives??? Very. And i never knew how much christ ment to the earth untill i got here. I use to only think that God was the real important one. Noone one this earth can comprehend what are savior did for us, and how easy he made it for us. But we ALWAYS have to be asking for forgivness and trying are best to stop making the same mistakes. Its so important. This 80 year life determense where we will be forever and ever and ever. The horrible thing is that we will think about that for 5 min then we'll be
like alright im going to step it up but then we forget. Man i have never been so scared for my family before in me life. I want to be with all of you forever. But its not going to be easy by any means. Its really hard, but our savior has made it possible. Learing about are father in heaven and Jesus and the Plan that they have for us has changed me so much and i want it to change you too. Read the Scriptures. Read them like you going too teach it to someone else. THats what i do and its so much better. Take notes while reading. Idk why i bring this up its just that we talk about this stuff a lot here and i think about my family so much and if i had one wish it would be to go back to the house right now and teach my family. I thought i knew quiet a bit but i know Nothing. But anyways i have to get going i got to go get my clothes. But i love this place its getting a lot lot lot better and easy and its finally startign to fly by, oh and i dont think i need anything for my mission. I dont need boots and if i did i can buy them there. Oh and they gave us filtration water bottles when we first got here so that was good. Alright well be safe family.
You never know when your time is so ALways be ready. Love you all. I still havnt got my freakin pictures. But i think i still might send a few home.