Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Well, another week. Not too much happened this week to be honest, except my tagalong is getting better because I have no choice he really doesn’t know ANY English. We have a lot of investigators right now, and pretty soon were going to be having a ton of baptisms, actually seminary just started and in one day we had ten referrals and we keep just getting more and more but there all like 13 or 14 little boys, so I could be getting a TON of baptisms but there is no way I’m going to have all those baptized boys go inactive and have that on my conscience so were going to meet with their parents. If their parents will listen too then that would be awesome. But if not the kids can just keep taking seminary and learning about our church and hopefully get baptized when their older. But really this week hasn’t been so adventurous like the others. A ton of walking and contacting and stuff it’s pretty boring but I die every night when it’s time to go to bed. One of our investigators gave birth to a dead baby this week. She fell and didn’t really think too much of it but her stomach was hurting for three days then she gave birth and it was dead. Way sad and weird but I think they already buried it and everything. It was actually our investigators kid that is already a member and always listens but she is like 28 or something. Well that is really it. Besides a bunch of teaching and walking and things I don’t want to type, I am really starting to like my comp. he is pretty funny, he is way way cool and I love him.

Monday, July 19, 2010


when i read that we should be getting good referrals this week mom my mouth dropped, we got the best referrals i have received my whole mission that really really want to be baptized.. haha crazy! (I had just wrote and told him we had been to the temple this week and that he should be expecting some good referrals. HAHA)
Oh man this week has been a, well i don’t know what it is really called in English but its baligtat in Tagalog lol, it like flipped upside down or the opposite of my whole mission. Its nuts i have went from the BESt comps ever to one of the most disobedient missionaries in the Mission.LOL its kind of funny, i was soooo scared at first but i am sooo thankful for it now, i know there is a TON i am going to be able to learn from it and i know i will be able to help him. But holly cow he is disobedient, we listen to NOT good music, he has a cell phone, if it wasn’t up to me i think we would work a good 3 hours a day lol. But i have realized nothing really matters besides he is willing to go out and work when i want and come home late at night when its the right time. Of course i want to tell him THAT MUSIC IS NOT APROPRIATE but i really really don’t want to be on bad terms with my comp so ill endure and ill put subtle hints and stuff and i think i can help him out a lot. U know ur comp is bad when ur zone leader comes up to u after and is like, “just love ur comp" i was like NO lol and then pres must know too cause he came to our ward totally unexpectedly yesterday and was like, how is ur comp, is he working? lol so i am pretty sure he knows about him But besides that... i got to meet our pres, he is sooo awesome i love him so much. He has surprised me twice now. First he shows up way randomly to our district meeting and randomly interviews 5 of us, and every one of the others had something in common but me, they were all leaving, he just called me in to talk with me and stuff it was weird but way cool i loved it. He said that he has been praying about me and says ill get a lot of good opportunities in my mission, so that’s cool. i love him SO much and his wife is just as cool, SO cool. she cooked me my pizza and gave me root beer and brownies and ice cream to eat with it... i love them SOOO much. And then the work has been good. We have a ton of progressing now its soooo awesome i will probably baptize like 8 in these 6 weeks, pres told me this is my last cycle. So i am working my butt off now trying to help it out before i leave. OH I LOVE THE MISSION.
(Are the little boy and girl you baptized still going to church?) oh heck ya there soo strong, and did u ever get that other pic i sent? Of my other baptism, mike and nanny cita. There strong tooo, everyone i have baptized so far is way strong.
(Do you need another package?)
ya, i almost killed my comp, i prayed for patience lol cause last night he ate my fastbreak, i was SOOOO mad inside, the only important things in the package are candy bars and pictures, just don’t forget that stuff. and just send the cheap like 13 dollar one it doesn’t have to be big
(Hum. You must be preparing to live with a wife! They break you in by giving you a guy to figure out first before they will give you a wife to try and figure out! Ha-ha)
I don’t want to get married anymore, alright mom take care, good luck with everything luv ya! Thanks for the support

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Mission President

About my week… well I got to meet my knew pres this week; Oh we’re so lucky, he is way way cool and I’m really excited to have him as our pres. We got to have interviews and meet his wife and everything, she is way way cool too. That probably made my week that they are just so cool. Man this week flue, it’s getting faster and faster I can NOT believe that this week is already over its way crazy I can’t believe how fast it’s flying. It’s really starting to speed up now and it’s pretty cool. We have some good investigators and were finding knew ones and the work has been going really good. I’m defiantly getting a new comp this week ha-ha so we will see how that goes, I hope so bad he will want to work. Naylor has been an awesome comp and it’s going to be pretty different with him gone, he has been with me my whole mission in the Philippines. We had some pretty funny things happen too. We got to teach a preacher that was way cool. He couldn’t argue with anything we said and just had to believe that there was no such thing as one church. He asked if it said anywhere in the bible the one church we should join and he wouldn’t accept anything but in the bible so I was like. WASTE OF TIME. And then we are teaching this one lola (grandma) and she asked if she could pray, in English! So she did, I literally almost bit my tongue off I was biting it so hard, just so I wouldn’t laugh, it was absolutely horrible, as so and we were out of there sight we were laughing sooooo hard. And I can’t believe how much we have been walking lately, every day its crazy! But it’s good too. I started learning Ilocano a little bit too, its way awesome I want to learn it SO bad. Dude halo halos are the absolute best! u love them, u don’t have the right ingredients I don’t think to make its though but maybe, its way good though, they don’t put any ice cream or anything just so u know it’s just shaved ice. Its like shaved ice with condensed milk and evaporated milk, then u put the other stuff in there like pineapple and bananas, some kind of jello balls and then just other stuff, then sugar too. But the biggest is the first three. They are pour but it’s just life here and it’s not like anyone starves to death they just don’t eat the greatest foods. And it’s crazy how nice they are, even if they have nothing they offer to feed us and then they cook the BEST meal for us I feel bad eating its crazy . I studied a lot of things this week. I am mostly studying about what we will teach later in the day and then go really into it but I studied a lot about the plan this week and I've just found awesome scriptures to use and then as u learn deep into the doctrine it makes it easier to teach it even just the gist of it its really cool. Mom my teaching has SHOT through the roof this transfer, there is no comparison, u can just see the people really really listening and I ALWAYs want to teach I hate walking or just messing around. Its way cool the desire I have gained to teach now. It’s probably just cause its way easier to teach then stinking walk We go about 3 times a week to each house we are teaching. And ya it is cool we get to teach a lot I would be so mad if it wasn’t like that. And in a day sometime 4-6 so it’s not a ton but it’s alright. We def have the highest numbers in our district and we should have the lowest cause our area is so small I swear I have talked to ALL of mabini well of course we oym, and there are some cool people like that, and we see people run away from us alllll the time, its sooo funny I mean I have seen people straight BULT for cover u would laugh so hard I miss everyone too but this is where I am suppose to be and everyone knows that too, elder Holland said "I’m glad ur home sick, he said the Christmases that my kids were on their missions were the hardest ever but the ones after they got back were by far the greatest" :) I’m excited ha-ha but take care I love ya have a good week

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rainy Season Has Arrived

i just ran into the table, u can see it on the picture with al the bloode on the ground. it was weird, i really was lie not freakin out at all i thought the whole thing was just kinda funny, but my comp was EvERyWHERE and then all are neighbors were too i was actually pretty funy.
ya i did, and it was like not a hospital lol it was crap and it cost like 35 bucks or somthing lol no insrance, it was just all horrible, i kid u not i got SOoooooo many shots and it was all right in the midde of the thing the guy filled it up FULL three times and put it all into my leg, that was the worst part then when he was sticking i could still kinda fill it lol then i got more shots and it was just a mess lol
hahaha yeah they are pretty stickin funny. DONT loose them plz lol but did u see me jump into the bukid? HAHA oh and ya i got s bunch of
stiches, i didnt want to tell u tell it was healed and its healed now i just got a sick scar, everyone thinks its the coolest but its just
ugly, but i had to like force noone in the office to tell u lol

oh ya a ton, it is awesome, and yesterday was the best ive ever taught ever it was so sticking awesome,like u have not idea how bad it was at the begging of me and naylors comp, it was so bad, i mean it was just soooo hard, but now its so much better and verses just pop in my head all the time now i love it, yesterday

we had this girl we were teaching that just looked like she wanted to kill us, and then she got her bible and then i showed her everthing i was talkin about and then it turned out really good and she is going to pray about js and stuff, she was way hard but it ended up really good.
um no we didnt have any this week, but we have atleast like 8 lined up and then we should probably get even more this week

, i wonder who isgoing to be next comp, oh me and naylor are going to plant rice today, its going ot be soooooo hot.