Monday, April 26, 2010

I am getting really good at washing my clothes. And my fingers aren’t getting so bad now. I actually love doing it now. We sit there and talk and wash and listen to Disney. First thing I am doing when I get home is not shaving or cutting my hair until I start looking for a wife
Man this week has been a roller coaster I swear so much has happened. But it’s like this every week lol I think back on it and I’m like holy cow no way was that all in a week but it was. First of all I want to get that jump rope thing from u dad again lol I think I remember most of it and I do it every night right after stuff and I love it hurts but its awesome. My comp was like man if that is what it takes to look like u I don’t want it ha-ha I've actually gotten stronger since I’ve been here I think but man I have the worst Farmers tan u wouldn’t believe it lol its pangit. That's ugly. Oh and I want to know how far each dot is for that dot drill so I can make one and do it.
Alright so this week.... Well Wednesday I went on this exchange cause my comp is about to go home and so I went on this exchange in Cauayan with the missionaries that stay with the APs and so we went out and did NOTHING lol I felt so disobedient but I didn’t even do anything bad. I didn’t even know what to do. Actually the only thing we did all day was OYM and I’m the one that did it lol. I did buy this sick bag though ill show it too u when I send my picks home its sweet. But that whole day everyone I talked to knew me and my comp, and I got bombarded with questions from everyone and I knew none of them. Then I hung out with the APs. They like me for some reason lol because they talk about me a lot I guess with all the other people that why like everyone in this mission knows me. Oh ya and that is what I found out is that everyone in the mission knows me lol. So we had transfers and my comp leaves in 3 weeks in the middle of one and I found out that pres was going to have 3 aps for a while then the oldest one that was about to go home was going to train me. I was like the what did I do wrong lol but things changed at the last second and now I don’t know what is going to happen. Then transfer day came and my elder Pincock left and is a Zone leader now and Naylor came back with a new comp. He was like Elder RIner the whole mission knows u lol he said people kept coming up to him and was like hey how is elder Riner. And he was like who the freak are u lol I just started laughing when I heard that. He said people were saying that before my comp goes home one of us is going to kill the other cause we are SOOO different its nuts.
But anyways this week has also been good with my Tagalog. I jumped another level this week and I almost got grammar down which is the hardest part. In about one more transfer I hope to have it so I don’t have to rely so much on my comp. I wake up early to study language and then study it at night too. I really want to get it. It’s the most frustrating thing in this world.
Man I want to hear about Nate. He kind of knows my situation. SO HOT all the time its stupid. Oh I ate some interesting things. First I ate a whole fish like the side flippers things and stuff and my comp ate the head like everything I kid u not but the tail and the bones. Then we ate a WHOLE chicken. I guess u can eat the whole thing except bones and the big intestine. that mean the legs and everything well I guess u cant eat the beak.... but ya I was chewing on this thing and I was like hmm hey what is this and my comp was like that is the neck, I was like what. But it was pretty good so it was alright then I was eating something else and I was like what is this. But it was good too and I didn’t want to ruin it so I just don’t ask anymore. As long as its edible and it won’t kill me. I’m good with it now. Oh then I ate frog. HMMMMM frog was the best I loved it so much. The bones are weird in the frog though. Oh this is how u eats things. U put it in urn mouth then chews and chew then spit out the bones. It took a little getting use too. I’ve gotten really good at cooking stuff. I just hate how long it takes. I just want to EAT it. Uh no I didn’t eat the dog I told you about last week. I would have thrown up it smelled like horrible wet dog, and over 75 percent of the dogs here u can’t eat because they have diseases and they are naked. Like no hair cause of their sicknesses, dude dogs here are so ugly, and there are only mutts. Nothing else they’re all soooo ugly.
Oh and then there is teaching. Ill tell u about one guy because we teach about 20 or more lessons a week and that would take forever. But this guy had pretty much given up on life, he was so old and he had had a hard life his whole life, like u can’t understand. Think of rouging wheat all day in the hottest day, that is what this guy has done him whole life and barely has enough food to eat. so he didn’t believe in a life after and he kept saying, I have no hope and stuff like that. Man we taught him this lesson and just bore testimonies and by the end he was smiling and u can see him completely change. Then he came to church this Sunday, Man that is what the mission is all about. Ill go through any kind of hardship in this world to give someone that hope, all of this is so worth it for little things like that.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh, about mothers day we only get to talk for like 30 to 40 min lol sorry but that’s what it says in the white hand book. Uh this week has been pretty good, u asked what i eat... u don’t want to know. I like saving my money so i usually just eat a ton of rice and a ulam which is just stuff to put on it. and its just out of a can, sometimes i eat pancakes too. i found the mix here so i was happy about that, i got sick this week, it was hard i was so weak and stuff but i still worked, my comp wanted to stay, he kept saying i was just going to make it worse, but i have different faith then that lol i just think he wanted a break, Man u guys wouldn’t believe how hot it ALWYAS is here its bad, we always have a fan on us and if we don’t u just SWEAT like no ones business. but I’m defiantly going through my testing time. Everything is so hard. EVERYTHING lol but i have gained the biggest testimonies how these trials are what grows us, i keep asked heavenly father for this faith in Christ, and this testimony that will help me on my mission and i know these trials are what is going to give me that faith and testimony(2cor,12:10 i think). ITs so hard though to keep that faith and know its all going to end up working out. Ur faith always gets put to the test, But i still love it all. i will only come home in a casket lol and i just dont drink the water at all, even though the other americans do, and i do eat fruit lol mangoes are the BEST

So how is school and everything? how is reading> did u study that prayer section in preach my gospel? its page 96 i think it PRAY WITH FAITH. I promise if u use prayer right, like in all ur studies and before a test and stuff u will be AMAZED at what will happen lol, pray before u study and everything god will help u and i promise,,, he knows algebra. Ask his help in everything. My favorite motto " pray like everything depends on God, then work like everything depends on u".

I heard the mangoes we have at home are terrible compared to here too and the bananas here are way, way better and everything here is just way sweeter tasting. they have the weirdest fruits in the world, oh and i have so pics of pineapple plants, ill send them home with the next batch of pics, im sending a CD home today of pics so it will get there later.
oh my gosh i miss that soooo much and i miss the people in that pick. WHo is at the bottom? Man its so crazy to see them, that’s what i want. i want pictures of like me with long hair and me in sports and i want pictures of friends and then of course u guys but i already of pictures of u, and i want and just all kinds of different pictures like that, SPORTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY. Those categories. Man i miss u guys, i didn’t even miss life until i saw this picture. I bought a ton of stuff today. I can’t wait to wear this stuff when i get home. I’m buying all kinds of weird Pilipino stuff lol. I don’t know what u want to hear about my week. We blessed someone with week and i anointed the oil on his head that was cool, then one of our investigators had her baby, it was so cute. and the place is getting ugly and everything is dyeing cause no rain. The people are still really nice here. Oh i saw a dog after it was killed and all fried up, the head was sitting in a pot and it looked so horrible but it was awesome and the whole place smelled like horrible wet dog, oh and then i saw this mother kill a chicken. its so cruel they just cut a little slit in its neck and squeeze the blood out tell it dies and it coughs it out and stuff ill send the video home i recorded it i think. i saw a guy here with a spokane washington hat on lol that was crazy and he was in my area we were just tracting I’m like dude i live there and he didn’t even know what the hat said. Oh and dude the people here have the weirdest diseases like u couldn’t even believe it, u know when dad flips his eyes out, well there is a kid here stuck like that and i have seen him try to fix it and it stays fixed for a little then it just goes back to flipped out it is so gross. we always walk by there and one time at night when we walked by he stuck his head out his window and i almost peed my pants, oh and that kid with that big lump on his chest that i send home died, people die here all the time. like ALL the time and the people were white things around there heads, the other thing is people get married here all the time and what they do for weddings is they play music all night and in the morning its still going and uh can here it in the whole barangy its soooooo loud and i swear there all over out house but it doesn’t help out t house is kinda in the middle, oh i was talking to this old grandpa and his teeth kept falling it out it was crazy he was mumbling so bad cause he was trying to talk and keep them in while talking. Oh and last time i got on this and i was emailing u i had a different missionary sitting right by me and he was setting up a facebook hhahahahaha loser. Oh and like stupid is like our f word lol and so everyone calls each other like fat and ugly like that’s not bad, there was this time and we were talking to this father and were like were is ur wife he was like that Mataba witch is fat and she was standing right behind him and she just smiled, how awesome is that, we would get slapped and also here u can ask anyone there age and they will tell u its not a problem at all> oh and then something else happened funny yesterday, this guy we have taught twice now the first time we taught him when he was done he was like i want to tell u something i feel and were like yes then he was like. when ever ur here i cant speak, he was like I’m really good at tagalog but whenever were here he just cant do it and he was like struggling saying this, he is actually in charge of this whole baragy and then were like wow that’s weird then this next time when we returned yesterday i could just tell he was like mad from the beginning and then it came out he was like, what kind of curse are u putting on me, why can i not speak, then we found out later that if he could he would just argue with us that is what a member told us about him so we think the spirit is just telling him to listen... See why i don’t tell u everything lol this is about a good 3 days worth of stuff can u believe if i told u everything of every week lol, Lets just leave it at THIS PLACE IS CRAZY, i see the craziest stuff just about every day lol. Well i have to go, love ya see ya BEY

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 11, 2010

Um I'm avoiding the water, and you can send the tablets that would be nice. And, no don't buy me the 100 dallor stick lol. I want the really really cheap little water tablets.

But I have a meeting with pres this thursday to see if I can upload photos to Costco but idk if he will let me they said he is pretty strick, sorry its taken so long i just got done looking and reading stuff. Man this week went really fast, dude conference is sooooo awesome I can't even believe how much I have been missing out on all these years. I watched every part of it and I loved it all, except when that one women talked to the women I kinda dozed off, but it was funny for evey session except the sunday morning it was the missionaries 8 of us and like maybe 2-8 other people lol it was so awesome though, we all had our snacks and drinks and we were watching and eating it was awesome I loved it so much, me and my comp are haveing a hard time right now in this area its just a really hard area. We lead the mission in OYM (OYM means offer your message or open your mouth, its just how you find investigators and the members are getting better we have reactivated quiet a bit) and finding people but everyone thinks they know everything and there all soooo set with there religion. Their to dumb to get how important our message is and I don't have the tagalog to tell them yet, but my tagalog is increasing so much it's awesome I am getting to say what I want to and everyone can understand me, I can't wait to see what happens next transfer I dont know if I want to stay here or leave. I dont care whatever happens I know its the best for me, I have been soooo humbled here I can't believe it, I asked for it and now im getting it. But the mission is soooo hard, the language the heat the dumb people my freakin comp, the crazy food, everything is crazy and hard about this place except for buying stuff. But I love it all and I'm learning so much and I wouldn't ask for all this ANY other way! And ya they have internet he lives in a pretty rich place, and ya I got the pics thank you and ya that ring is huge. I'm right by the rice fields, sometime I have to cross them to get to houses, we saw the BIGGEST snake the other day while doing it, and the wierd thing is as you eat rice more and more you start to like it more and more and I guess that never goes away, I LOVE rice now lol how wierd is that, oh ya and the rice fields here suppost all of the philipopines and a lot of other countries.

Oh and I don't need the speakers I have some already and I don't use mine cause my room mate has awesome music and loud speakers and a dvd player
the other elders are Elder naler and elder pincock, there both young and the crazy thing I guess is pincock has only been out for 6 months and he is a distric leader and I guess you usually dont get any job like that tell after at least a year. But I don't want to send photos, I guess there is this place where I can get them on a disc here then I'll just send it home in a package. Naylor lives somewhere in utah, you don't need to be talkin to all these moms lol. haha yeah I'm just trying to have the best attitude about everything but it's already wearing on me. And he is so cool elder pincock, and ya I just went on a split with Elder Nalor and I think I go on with with Pincock this week, Elder Naylor and my split was awesome it was the first time I have really been able to teach a LOT cause we were both so new and he kept saying my tagalog was way farther then his. This thursday is my interview with president, im so excited for that.
Man, I want to set goals but idk what to base them on. I don't even think I'm going to be a doctor anymore lol I guess I can make some mission goals though. That will be sweet.

Well I would tell the quorm to study things in preach my gospel but YA right lol there all going to have the same attitude I did but they'll see lol and I'm not getting frustrated or anything, I could care less cause were doing all we can.

MOM: Hey I was going to send a package with things in it for kids like pencils and little toys like bouncy balls. Is
that ok?

Hheck no don't do that, that is candy space, and the kids here once you give them anything just expect the world so I don't give them ANYTHING. Maybe one care package every transfer so like 1 every 6 weeks would be sweet, cause there are care packages like we depend on the things in those packages for 6 weeks. Sweat and Bloode should go into the packing of that package lol jk,
I have to go, its been an hour, ya we have icecream but its expensicve it cost about the same as home, but they don't have american chocolate, thats what you need to send is choclate bars and picture. I'll write next p-day, love ya!

Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

The mission got WAY awesome this last few days cause now I can communicate with people its Awesome, i still have a ton to learn but I can just talk fast and it makes sense and they reply. I kid you not its right after my fast for it too. Oh man its seriously a miracle its just so awesome. Hey you and mom and chelsea and madi need to study the Prayer thing in preach my gospel. That is one thing I wasn’t using right and it can help u SOOOO much if you listen to the things in there and use it the right way, I’m telling you it can help you a LOT. but yeah the mission is going good. We have dates for baptism but we cant baptize. Here we have the hardest baptismal standards in the world, they have to go to church 4 times by themselves without missing two in a row. plus they have bukit (harvest) right now so all the lalakes (men) are gone so we cant teach. but the mission is getting way better now. Our AP told us they did this study and the kids in Harvard that learn a language don’t even learn it half as fast as the average missionary, that was kinda cool.
our mission motto is "only in the Philippines." i do love how i can still pee where ever i want. that’s awesome! but I drink so much water. and you don’t have to worry about me starving. I’m like chef boy r d, I’m getting magaling (talented) and this cooking stuff and I never miss a meal and I can straight but away the rice now haha like 2 cups.

Yeah I’m defiantly not baptizing for numbers I don’t want that on my shoulders after this life, the place I am were setting records, the kids weren’t even good missionaries its just everyone wanted to be baptized they had 78 in 8 months and they had a world record one week for investigators that attended church it was over 50. but NONE of there converts go to church so me and my comp a lot of the time just teach less actives so its hard to get baptisms but it all the same work. but that’s why its so dead now cause the members hated the missionaries and now were getting the trust back. ok so magaling is like talented and stuff. You start to know words for like there meaning more then there like translation lol its weird but awesome i do write for a place in town there is 3 places and the other 2 were packed so now were at a different one and its fast so its good. and we live in the straight boonies right now and I’m pretty sure ill be here for a while because they say that is how it usually is there but I don’t care and ya we have to catch rides to town on tricycles and jeepnies. I cant explain it lol sometime I ride on the roof actually that was just once but you like ride on the back of the motorcycle while your comp is in this little thing and they jam it. Only in the PHILIPINES I kid you not it’s so crazy. Its a good 15 min drive. and ya you pee wherever and you see people pee wherever and its all good but just pee.

right after we email we eat at jllybee which is the highlight of our eating experiences of the week its so good. oh and I have been forced to drink this water. My comp says it’s all clean though and I haven’t gotten sick but believe me I avoid it as much as possible. I just bless the water lol and he said he didn’t grow up with it he said were he is from, he has clean water. He said the water here is just clean. They do get it from DEEP wells but still I’m trying not to drink it.

Illacano I will learn for sure. My comp learned it with me and him have been together for 3 weeks or whatever so it’s not to hard but its sounds completely different. Dude you should see my fingers from washing they are so jacked up. Don’t send gloves. That’s wasting room. Ill develop calluses. thanks for the life package I got it and you have no idea how good a M&M taste here.

I'm definetely tall here and have been called it quite a bit. Yeah its pretty bad with the girls but its not a problem and no you don’t get sunburned really here and the other 2 elders are American thank goodness and they teach more way more then my trainer lol alright I need to go. Read the prayer thing out of preach my gospel and try to put more photos on here for next week, tell payton good job from me.