Monday, August 29, 2011

Well the week has been going awesome. We did get a lot of good lessons in and it made the week fly. This week we had splits, i ending up going with the new kid and it was hilarious. It made me remeber being new and stuff and brought back a lot of memories. It seems like i was just there and at the same time like that was a LONG time ago. Hard to explain but it was a good day. We got rained on quite a bit this week. Wednesday we woke up to a text that there was a huge typhoon on its way and we needed to make sure everyone is safe. We were suppose to get nailed but all the sudden the storm just took another direction. But it was still really really rainy and we got soaked everyday. They yell at us for not using unbrellas but we hate them and when its as rainy as it had been they dont even do anything. But besides that the week went pretty dang smoothly. Lots of teaching and finding new people to teach. We have a lot of potential right now we just need to get them all progressing! im still loving it though. We are getting a lot of families to accept it and its just making it really really awesome. Families are the best.

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