Monday, August 22, 2011

Well ya asked what i had taught this week, i dont even know how to answer that question. We taught a lot of diffrent kind of lessons. We have a lot of investigators on diffrent phases of the repentant and conversion proccess so we have been teaching a lot of diffrent kinda of lesson, but they have all been way good so its been really really fun and rewarding. We are still kinda struggling with getting some people to come to church. Its not even that they dont want too. They actually really really want too! its just that every week somehting comes up and then they dont end up making it. Its kinda frustrating but i love them and they're worth the trouble cause they are all families and i LOVE teaching whole families! The work has just been going really smoothly. Its been SOOO hot latly though. From about 10 to 5 its just way way way hot and you sweat soooo much! its really annoying sweating so much in your white shirt and tie and stuff, then having to teach while dripping sweat is kinda a diffrent experience... But we deal with it :). I still love being out here and apart of it all. God still has really been blessing us and work continues to move forward. We had our zone meeting this week. That went pretty good. Man i dont even know what to say these days. Everything has just been going really good! i love it all and im thankful to be here.
Love ya mom. THanks for the letter it keeps me updated and for some reason just hearing that everything is going ok and that everyone is doing alright makes me want to work so much harder. Thanks for everything Have a Great Week!

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