Monday, September 26, 2011

Well my week went ok. We did have some training stuff that happened. We had our zone conference this week and it was awesome. Makes me want to become better. I really love our president he is so good to us missionaries. You can really tell that all he wants is for us to be successful. For the rest of our week our work was super slow. We have been finding a ton these past few weeks and nothing is coming about it, but we cant really control that. We're just going to keep doing it until our teaching pool is full again. But due to those kind of problems we weren't able to teach as much this week. We have a ton of good things still happening though. We have some awesome investigators that are really ready for baptism, they just have little problems we still have to work out first. But they are awesome and once we can get over these problems they really will make some great members. Its just kinda frustrating. Sometimes it just seems like were stuck with them and there isnt thing else we can do. But almost always God provides and it ends up ok. I love being out here. The work is going great and even though we arnt getting as many lessons and stuff, we are still working as hard as ever. THanks for all the love and support. Its so important in this work, i really need it. LOve YOU!

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