Monday, September 12, 2011


Well this week has been another full one. We had a lot go on and it just made the week fly! Last Monday we had a pretty sweet p-day playing football and stuff, but when it came to the work that evening we got poured on! I think about 4 out of the 7 night we just got rained on like crazy. Its not fun. Tuesday we had our district meeting and found out who was being transferred. I was SOOOO happy when I found out I was still staying here. The rest of the day I was just way excited I didn’t have to say goodbye to everyone and pack and stuff. Everyone has been giving me a ton of grief cause ive been here so long but I love it… Thursday was transfer meeting and I got to see and talk with everyone. It was weird seeing some people for the last time! At the meeting all my batch moved up and there are now 5 of us zone leaders and 1 A.P. haha. That’s pretty cool. Visiting with them all was way worthwhile. We also got instructions from president to find a new house to move into ASAP cause he is going to put 1 more set of missionaries in and our house right now is not big enough for 4. So that was one thing we really focused on this week and we actually did find one. It was be nice to move into it. Im not sure how long ill be there but im hoping the rest of my time here. Saturday was one of the busiest days of my mission. In morning we had 2 serve projects. A house we had to check out, and a interview we had to go too. One of the service projects we did was just my comp and I and we moved this HUGE pipe thing of cement from one place to another. It was by pure tactic we were able to maneuver it and it was SOOOOO HEAVY!! It was fun though. The inverter view went well and she will be baptized this coming Saturday. We also met up with president and he took us out for McDonalds. It was SWEET. Its funny how mcdonalds is the biggest treat here haha. Then right after that we attended a baptism that went pretty good. The whole week just seemed pretty dang busy. It made it fly, and it was fun, but I’m cool with things kind of slowing down a little bit. Our work is still going awesome and we still have a lot of great investigators. The work is just moving on. Im so glad I didn’t get transferred and am already nervous for this coming transfer. I hope I get to just end here!!!

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