Sunday, October 9, 2011


YA we were the onse sister Carlos was taking about we just barley got power like last friday night after having a brown out for 10 days... Everything in our fridge just went horrible and there was mold all up in it so we just didnt open it tell the other day and then it got GROSS!!! we cleaned it earlier. It was not a fun job. My comp is cool. We get along great and we've been working hard. This week we got like 16 new investigators and a few of them are really starting to progress. We are really building up a nice teaching pool again and im so excited to see what kind of things we are going to be able to do with these next 7 weeks we have together. So everything is going really good! Having 4 peopl in a apartment is hecktic of course but it is WAY fun. Everything has been going really good as far as the work and im excited to see waht we can get started for us in this next week. We are working hard right now trying to fill all hours of our day with productive work and seem to be doing a pretty good job with that thus far. Everything is going great!

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