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Alright, so this week was a CRAZY one. So last tuesday we woke up to a really loud noise that turned out to be sheet metal getting blown all over by the wind. So i got up to check it out and it was pouring rain and the wind was strong. So we went out and fastened everything down we didnt want to fly away, then we went inside and started studying. After Personal study we couldnt stand it anymore, and even though the storm was raging full boar we went out to save some lives :). we never got a text we werent suppose to and i couldnt stand the thought that our investigators houses were just getting mobbed in the storm, so we put on some clothes and went out to see what damaged had already taken place. As soon as we left the gate it was BAD. there was telephone lines flying everywhere and a HUGE tree had fallen on our neighbors truck and just smached it and destroyed the telephone wires. It was bad. So we climed through all that and went to one of our investigators house we had knew would have gotten destroyed by such a storm. We were right. When we got there it was completely gone. I have some pics ill send to u later but it was BAD> i felt so bad. So we went to the front and found them. Dad was happy as ever just laughing and asking how we were doing. We told him we were just worried about him and how he was. As soon as we found out he was fine we went to the church to see how we could help. We found a few bishops and the gave us a little update. Then we went back out to our other investigators. Almost everyones house was completely destroyed. Sheet metal was flying everywhere and cords were too. While all this is going down we, as Zls, are getting all kinda of calls about everything, trying to get everyone safe and what not. Plus that was the day we had to announce transfers and so we had to get that list and send it to everyone while we were under this little shack, it was the only place we found service. It was all Nuts. Eventually the storm died down and we werent sure were to start with everything. We went and checked on a few other people who also just got destroyed and it was crazy. One of our recent converts house had completely gotten wiped away, as in there was no more house. I think we have a pic of that too. At the same time everyone was getting flooded like crazy. So me and my comp went and bought machetes to help get trees out of the way and houses all cleaned up. It is like the most effective tool after a storm haha its funny. eventually we got home and we soaked to the bone, freezing, and exhausted from it all. We took like a Hour rest then went back out. That was just tuesday. Wednesday we continued to clean and help people but at 2 o'clock we went to a fireside for the Departing Missionaries. Thats the pictures i included in this email. It was so sad to see these guys go. I love them and 2 or the 3 were my comps that i had become tight with and the other i was his DL for a while and we got close too. It was all pretty sad to see them go but it was awesome at the same time. THen thursday we just worked and got a few lessons in after doing osme more service. Friday we had transfer day and thats when i got my knew comp, elder Landeen. He is a stud and is brand new. Im really excited for our cycle together., He is from West Jordan, Utah. He seems really excited for the work and kinda has the same point of view of what he want to get out of his mission which makes everything aweosme!!! Transfer day was aweosme. I got to talk to pres and he almost made me cry. He was praising me way to much, more then i could ever deserve. I was so excited to get stepped down and just become a regular missionary again with no callings. Its the best feeling ever! Just being a regular missionay and training is the best calling i think there is in this world. I love it so much and im so excited for the work we are going to get done this cycle. I got to sit and talk with some of my old comps too. My son, Elder Jackson is now a zone leader and comps with Elder Hardman and they are going to tear it up. Pres loves Jackson and thats why he gave me my comp he said, cause my last kid came out so good and he knows this one has great potential too. Im so excited. Then... Saturday we woke up again to ANOTHER crazy storm. People just got torn apart again! We went out and helped everyone we could again and it was just horrible. I have HATED not being able to teach but loving that we have been able to help so many people out. Sunday we had a good work day. Its hard though cause we have to teach with candle light only due to the block out we have had for almost a week now. It kinda stinks but is kinda cool at the same time. So there is my week in a nut shell. So many other things happened too i just cant really write them all cause its just too much. The lord has been really protecting his missionaries and none have gotten too hurt. I Love being out here and i hope we can get everything back to normal so we can acctually start working again. But the news is we have atleast one more coming in a few days. We'll see... Well i love you all and im thankful for all your prayers. Know that god is watching over all of us. THANK YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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