Monday, November 14, 2011

Man let me tell you i am NOT ready to go home haha. We'll see how it goes but for now its like the farthest thing from my mind. I know its unavoidable but its really not registering to me right now that its getting closer and closer. Im pretty sure its just going to sneak up on me and just going to happen. But im not to worried about it right now. We have so much awesome work right now mom its SICK!!! im so excited for our work. We have like 6 awesome families we are teaching right now which makes up about 25 investigators that are all starting to progress. We'll see as we start to get a little farther into it but for now things are looking good. We have 9 with dates and should be able to give quite a few more in these coming weeks. Im so excited. Its really keeping us busy and we only plan on adding to all this success! Im loving the work right now. Im on the last chapter of Jesus the Christ and the book has been one my favorites ever. Its such a sick book and ive learned SOOOO much from reading it and its caused me to ask a lot more questions, and, consequently, learn a lot more about this gospel. Man i love it! i love how it all makes so much sense and how as i keep studying it, i just come to love it more and more. It really gets me pumped about the work, and by time our studies are done, im so ready to get back out and work again! we had some really really cool lessons this week with some investigators. We are starting to use a lot of analogies in our lessons to make it more interesting and make it easier to understand. Its been effective. Its pretty sick and its been way fun and successful. As you can see the work is going aseosme. Id love to tell you all about it but i only ahve a limited amount of time. Basta the work is going awesome, my own testimony is growing so much, and im not at all ready for this to be over :). Love you mom. THanks again for all your support and for the awesome letters!!!

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