Monday, November 28, 2011

Well mom i dont even know where to start with my week. Its been so awesome/ its flown!!!! its crazy how fast it is going. We are teaching a bunch of awesome families right now and they are all starting to progress! we had atleast one member from each family at church yesterday and in every case it was the father. Its just been a ton of blessings mom its so crazy. Man i love all the people we are teaching right now so much. Its going to be SOOOO hard leaving them mom its going to stink. Just yesterday we were going around and it had to be the biggest anti-trunky day ever! it was crazy. We had some awesome lessons, and the best one was with the father and his daughter; that, at first, i was sure were never going to progress. Then after a series of some of the best and most clear lessons i have ever taught to anyone, they started to soften their hearts, and now, they are starting to develop some really strong testimonies. Yesterday we taught the plan of salvation and where we go after this life. The lesson was incredible. Everything just went aweosme and they understood it all which brought a lot of questions up, that we were able to answer. So the whole thing just made complete sense. At the close of the lesson we had the father say the prayer, and it was one of the most humble but spiritually led prayers i have heard on my mission. Just really sincere. Im not read to come home mom. Im going to miss those moments soooo much. I dont know if ive ever felt the spirit so strong. It was just awesome. The whole week has just been like that. THe week FLEW by man i couldnt believe it. We continue to build up our teaching pool but all hours of our day are pretty much full at this point so its awesome. Man i couldnt express to you how happy i am to be wehre i am right now. I love ya mom. Im excited to see you in a few week, but for now, i have a TON more work to still do. Take care and good luck with state.

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