Monday, December 5, 2011

man your guy's week seems like it was FUN! that is so sweet. Man im glad jord will be there to see me. I just want to see fam and friends! Man, im not going to say im not excited to see you all, but MAN mom, our work is going SO good. We had our transfer meeting this week and that was fun. Got to see a lot of old friends and comps and stuff. But for the most part everyone is noobs man. Everyone i know has pretty much went home; its not like it use to be... This picture is one sick thing that happened though. I have a great grand child in the field now. That is Pretty dang rare, but that is that picture i just sent you. Me, Jackson, jackson's kid and jackson's kids kid. It was pretty cool. Then the other people was the class of our investigators. thats only a few of them. One family had to leave after Sacrament meeting and then the kids were in there own classes. There was too many of us for the room. Next week we are moving into a bigger one. I kid you not mom. Our investigators, plus all their kids, made of over 1/3rd the people in our ward right now. It was SOOOO sick. Just really humbling to see so much progress. I bore my testimony in both ward yesterday. It was good. I loved the chance to leave that last testimony of mine with everyone. All my investigators were shocked. A lot of them didnt know i was going home. Its so sad cause they all talk about it now and tell me how much they're going to miss me and stuff. Its so hard! i Love these people mom. Im just not ready to go home. All in all the week was just awesome. All our key indicators were way high and our work was just full. Its awesome!!! Im just going to keep it up. No slowing down. Im going to try to even do better if at all posible this week. Last one, why not right :). Alright mom i love you. Hope everything continues to go well. Have fun picking daniel up.

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