Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

ok writing me on this is ok but i get dearelder.com everyday and i only get to check this once a week on my p-day so dear elder is better but whatever one is fine with me its just that reading the letters takes time and i only got 30 min to read and write the letters. im getting fast at typing needless to say. but the mtc is gettting so much better. my district is the absalute best in this whole place. we got so lucky. ive been taking a lot of pictures now too. So i hav elder ward as a comp then in my district is elder farley, i call him chris, then its hale he is so freakin funny i LOVE him, then dallin he is way cool too, then its hardman and he is cool too he was a pretty good db in highschool too and everyone played except chris he brake dances wich is funny cause he is the whitest one in here. all of us are going to cauyan the same day and everything its nuts. so i found out our flight plan, were going to LA fist then to hong kong! that is so freakin cool! i cant even wait for that day. the language is easier then i thought but still way tough it will take a while tell im fluent and stuff but im not going to get frustrated. Send pics of the dog. i think i miss is the most cause i know it has like a 1 percent chance of being alive in two years haha i actaully dream about the dog more then anyhting. and i get crap almost every morning for yelling in my sleep lol its pretty funny, we go through the temple every monday morning and it is way fun. i aamost can do the whole thing by myslelf, man i am going to miss watching wrestling too. So cassi made the star team, bout time a girl in our family makes it, hahaha jk chels and madi, its hilarious how im 2 states away and can still cause contension in the house hahaha. But i am learning soooo much. Its cool. the call center is deffently my favorite. You just call random people and talk to them and try to let them invite the missionaries in and i was so nervse untill someone picked up then it was way way easy and i got more people to let the m,issionaries in then anyone else, i talked to this black lady forever and everyone was listening to me and like patting me on the shoulder and stuff cause it was intense lol the funniest thing was the black lady asked if we believed in the holy spirit. I was like "Shoot ya I feel it right now!" it was way funny. But this place is deffently getting better. I cant believe jon got jumped. And who the heck is blake dating? lol tell that guy to write me on dearelder.com, well i hope everything is going good at home. Thank you for all the letters i seriously love everyone of them, well the first day i was in here i was like come on when i got one from you but everyday after that its just awsome to get any kind of letter. So anyways send pictures if you can cause thats what i want the most, pics of ANYTHING. Haha laundry is to easy, all you have to do is press the right button, whites, colors or brights. But we still had help from the girls the first time lol. i have laundry going right now actually haha better get back too ut. Love you all so much and i hope everything is going good. Stay out of trouble

Elder Riner

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