Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 24, 2010

Alright. Before anything else i just wana know if aunt candice has devorced and remarried without me knowing casue she said
something about haveing a handsome husband and im not sure i know this guy. And everyone needs to get me there emails so i can
just email them rather then sending one and everyone reading it haha cause i wana talk back but i dont want everyone to read it...
And cheslea needs to made an email just for her so i can send one to it

Carson, Whats up little bro. have you started wrestling yet? Man im going to miss that so much i love watching you 2 little guys
wretle its amazing. And i promise to take u hunting a tun when i get back and yhour a little older. Love you

Payton, Dude i wana watch you wretle too. its killing me. i remeber when i almost got put in the red book i was way scrared you
stronger then me. we'll try to stay out of trouble. Mahal po Kayo!

Ash, thanks for all the letters little sis. Just so u know y0u got put on the crapy team cause your so good. and bagwell is cool
youll like him. Good luck with school.Love ya

cassi you still bballin it up or what? When do you start games?

madi, stay away from boys. Haha jk... kinda. Nope you need to stay away from them lol im not kidding haha jk jk but thats cool
basketball is coming around for you. Good luck with it and thanks for the letters. Mahal po kayo

Chelsea u need to get a seperate email so i can just mail you, but the MTC is going pretty good. I think that tradition thing
would be a great thing lol that is funny. Good luck with basketball and getting over this sickness it sounds like it sucks. I want
my pictures hobo you said you were going to send them forever ago.

Well the MTC is going Pretty good and its finally moving along. We get noobs tommarrow that are going to the philippines and we
have a bunch of people leaving today so its -pretty cool i cant wait tell the noobs come. Im going to speak only tagalog to them
so there freaked out :) cant wait. But the lessons are comgin real good we are on the second one and after we teach this a few
times we have to go back and start teaching in tagalog. By week 5 they said we cant talk english anymore. crazy! but im excited.
Learning the words is coming way easy all the sudden for some reason. But anyways i have a bunch of pics to send home but im
holding them hostage tell i get some. Alright LOVE y ou all talk to u next week.


  1. For the record...Brian inserted that in very randomly and I was too lazy to change it.

  2. Sounds like you are doing way good. Grandpa and I aren't up on this texting stuff, so we don't know all the words you are writing. So we just ready between the lines.

  3. Eld Rin, quad plat lett man. jk lol btw i txt 2, so got a bff, lmk asap aight, so UR bmoc, dgtc sgaw before you lo nah tmi tmi. another 230's b4 u gtg. well gtta afk aight. dnt go awol. ttfn unck m