Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Nope ya missed me lol. I usually get on and read some and then get on later and write back. Anyways the MTC has been pretty good this week. We are suppose to be talking all tagalog but we were just really quiet and that was boring so it lasted about a morning when it was suppose to last tell we leave. But we teach the whole first lesson in all tagalog. And the crazy thing is i think im going to be able to do it. But i still have a lot fto learn. Tell dane i want a letter in tagalog though lol that would be sweet. Oh ya mom you letter said somehting about being scared of ghost but more scared of something else. i dont remeber exactly. But anyways the MTC is still going faster then before but i still just want to get out to the field. Even though im not ready at all i want the Do or Die. i Think thats how i will learn the best. Ya i saw ridge a bunch of times and we talked a lot but that freakin punk got to leave today that is so lucky. But anyways i dont know what else to say. Im learning a tun and i love it and learning makes the time go way faster. Oh ya i want Grandma and grandpa Nielson and Riners house address so i can write them sometime. oh and i got the pictures. Thank you so much i love them. Anyways i have nothin more to say. Have a good week. Love ya all and i hope to here from ya sometime. BE safe.

Elder Riner

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