Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 15, 2010

Hey guys. The MTC is pretty much the same thing. I'll try to send a CD home of pictures but I have a bunch that I am going to send today but the thing is it takes forever for mailed letters to get there and here. Ya I weight like 160 something now it's awesome our teacher told us to put on as much weight as possible so that's what I'm trying to do and I've gotten a lot stonger too and I do do diffrent kinds of pushups regualar spread and real close my comp has the things too his mom just bought him some and it came with a sweet workout that is way tough but its awesome. Ya the MTC is starting to go by the people that were right above us left today so were next. We learned how to barter this week it was so freakin cool. My first lesson in tagalog went really good too the guy we taught said he was really impressed with are tagalog in the MTC but i still have sooooo much to learn but im learning 25 words a day now which is hard and im always studing but it makes time fly by. Ive seen and talked to maralee and jacob a lot maralee was in my gym for a while idk if she still is. I almost broke this kids nose the other day in volleyball ive gotten pretty good at it lol and i nailed him in the face hard with a spike i felt so bad but it was all good and i saw him and apaligised today. Me and my comp has some investigators in the RC thing were you call people i think we have like 4 of them. some pople dont want the missionaries but they like talkin to uys so they will let us teach them so its pretty cool.Alright well i dont know what else to day everything is going pretty good i love you all and i hope everything is going good at the house.

Elder Riner

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