Sunday, March 21, 2010

thaks for everything i love talking too u all, wana here somthing funny, i was thinkin about after my mission and how im going to ahve to get married and stuff. and i was like man, i dont want to change like mike and bry... lol jokes long

On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 8:42 PM, Colton James Riner wrote:

im trying to send some pictures but it takes forever. Man this place still blows my mind everyday. Im getting this sick bag made for me right now. costume desined by me lol illl send u a pic of it next week it sweet. and it cost like 7 american dallors lol and im getting all my white shirts fitted to me for like less then a dallar eatch. then im going to get pants that are made ust for me for like 7 dallors each too. this place is so sweet. well i ate baloot lol and fried pig bloode., they said nothin is bawal here so we can eat everything we want and i want to try it all lol the baloot was pretty good but the bloode was not so much. um i already got things that i cant talk about to lol i want to tell ya so bad to cause it would blow ur mind, we give blessings all the itme that is cool me trainer always wants me to do it but im like not yet lol he also has tryed to get me to give that baptism commitent too but i didnt think i had memorised it well enough yet, next time. Tagalog is hard. but it will come. i understand it all really good now so that is good. hmm what else lol there is a ton of stuff im just too lay to write it all. The mission is really hard though, expecially while learning a lanugage, and i feel like im always swimmin, its so humid and my skin sticks to everything that is the most annoying thing ever, oh next package this is what it chould have, u should send one of those boxes where it doesnt matter how much it ways just how big the bx is cause i want pancake mix and the resapy for that one butter syrup stuff, send me the crepes one too, all we ahve to cook with is a fire fernace thing though and pans so i cant make too much or anything that needs a oven, im getting use to rice and i eat rom and noodles everyday still lol i dont want to use my money on food lol i want to buy this other awesome stuff, plus u know hwo frugal i am. the funniest thing is i wont buy somthing if its like 5 pasoes over what i think it should be lol 5 paoes is like a freakin dime lol, but i dont think like aht anymore and every pasoe counts lol. teaching is pretty cool but walkin everywhere sucks, pdays are the best thing in this world though lol. u need to send daniel my letters cause i dont have enough time to write him all this too. i ment to say that last time but i forgot. i bet chelsea is glad junior miss is over, i would be for sure. man there was somthing else i wanted in a package too but i dont know what, actually there was a bunch of things. hmmm well im sure u wont send it by next week so ill think of something next week. ive became quite the cook here lol and u would laugh at how creative u come with the stuff u have. im mainly just waisting time here waiting for these pictures to load. ill tell u about some stuff ill probably have to eat lol, the other comp i lived with ate the stuff that is in the intestines when they kill the cow they also do that with pic\gs, ya and they make it into soup, so its practacly cow crap. ima puke, then u see the craziest things for sell, like chickens feet, just cooked and ready lol and one day old chickens, its nuts lol. well if u want to know about anything particular u need to ask questions cause i dont know what to send, the pets here are pretty feakin nasty too. most dogs dont have hair or are loosing it, there always itching, and the groesest thing is youll see people picking lice out of eatchothers hair clear as day these big white things in this black hair, oh and then there are so many weird desieces and stuff, like this guy with the worst arthratist u shake his hand and his last 2 fingers are in a fist and u cant even pull them apart, we tryed lol, then this kid witht his lump lol that a funny picture lol alright actually ill send that pic next time il try to do it next time. haha the sherif is in here right now and the perosn that owns this place is getting it taken away or l\kicked out or somthing lol.


  1. David is going to be flying over to the Phillippines in April or May for business. Where is Elder Riner serving??