Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 1, 2010

Thanks u. Man I can't believe I am going to be leaving next week that is way sweet. Think in about 2 weeks from now I'll be on the other side of the world in the middle of no where were no one speaks any English maybe not even my comp. That is nuts. I got my flight plans though. So I leave here 7:45 and then I get to LA at like 9 then I stay in LA until like 11:45 and then fly to Thailand and then I have another 3 hour lay over and then I fly to manilla and I stay there all day or something then I'll take a 11 hour bus ride all night to cayauan man I am so excited. My Tagalog is good enough that now I just need the experience really and then it will come fast I hope. Ive been doing everything I can to get it better to but man you get so sick of looking at words it almost makes me sick to start studying again I hate it. But now that I have finished the BoM I have been coming up with a ton of scriptures and memorising them and I know a ton now its awesome I have almost 3 full pages of scriptures that I am memorising and its way easier to memorise one verse of scripture then it is to memorise a Tagalog word lol. But I don't think I need anything from home. I know I need to send back my basketball shirts and some long sleeve shirts but what else??? is that it? Man I am excited to go though its going to be fun and this next week is just crazy I guess I think class and learning is pretty much over now they try to like teach us about other things or something I don't know but anyways thanks for all the letters. Congrats on trying to read the
BOM by may that is sweet. Thanks for doing that. I love ya all and I hope you have a good week.

Elder Riner

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