Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Man I didn’t really try to take pictures as much this week and I don’t remember what I sent lol. Well this week was pretty crazy as well but it’s mostly just because I’m not use to everything. Man I miss track and I can’t believe how freakin big everyone is getting on the football team that is awesome, and I can’t believe how good Chelsea did too lol how fast was her 100 time. We did hear or feel anything for the earthquake. The language is getting frustrating I kind of hate it A LOT but I have to learn it sometime. I think I’m going to try to start talking all Tagalog this Tuesday but we will see what really happens. this first picture are some big water buffalo just chilling lol u would laugh at all the cats and dogs and ducks and chickens and water buffalo everywhere its nuts. This next picture is pretty much my normal meal and I love it! I can buy these freakin Huge amazingly good shrimp here for like 5 bucks and I eat it throughout the week. As far as everyone’s houses, uh there not all dirt flower most of them defiantly are though. My place is called Mabini. we have this branch here that is horrible lol we have teachers but they don’t show up and yesterday I had to bless the bread and in the front row there was these boys holding hands and there legs where all over each other. I was like what the heck are u doing... dumb, and then no one wears any kind of white shirt even the branch leader. The whole time kids are yelling and screaming and then the speakers don’t know how to speak in the mike or speak to the crowd. They all think up there your suppose to yell at the crowd and condemn then I kid u not I feel like I’m getting yelled at the whole time. And sometime they try to speak to me in English I’m like just speak taglog I can understand that better lol
So how’s your companion? Tell me about your week this is your dad
ya its pretty cool but the branch is so bad here now I don’t think were going to find and teach as much anymore I think were just going to get the branch going; and about my comp. well he isn’t sitting right by me so I cant really talk to much about him lol but its tough he is hard for sure and the other guy I live with said he could never do it. I am learning a ton from him though so I'm not complaining really but the other guys try to help me out and stuff so much lol because they think it’s so hard for me because they know my trainer. Of course he is my first so I don’t really know any better lol. The other guys are really cool though they teach me none related mission stuff lol that is good but they keep telling me don’t give up it gets better haha
missionary work... hmmm well its freakin hard see how I cant speak very much but I’m getting a lot better and I understand most of it but a lot of times they mix like ilacano and tagalog and I don’t know ilacano at all so its hard lol but I’m trying really hard it sucks a lot but I know ill learn it sometime. I’m improving like everyday
Yeah but I actually get to teach and testify a lot too during the lessons and we don’t really get to tracked we just get to go from one appointment from another cause we always have appointments and we actually live in this concrete thing I'll send a picture

Oh and dad needs me to send a jump rope work out. oh and next week u guys get conference but I have to wait a week it sucks but send me stuff to look for, I’m jacked for conference. Isn’t that weird ;P

I found some pancake mix here so I need the Buttermilk syrup recipe. Go get it for me and send it.

1 c. sugar

1 cube butter

1/2 c. light corn syrup

boil 1 minute add

1 t. vanilla

1/2 t. baking soda
YES I better be able to find this stupid ingredients here. I might have to improvise

That’s your shower? I don’t understand!
What do u mean u don’t understand it lol ill have to send a pic next week. Most the time u run out of pressure in the middle too
so u have to turn it off so it builds up. And u just soap yourself up, and the water just drains outside lol and you’re on a concrete floor

Here is the thing I ate, I sent this last week but idk why u didn’t get it, I actually kind of liked it. Ill eat another one for sure.


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