Monday, April 12, 2010

April 11, 2010

Um I'm avoiding the water, and you can send the tablets that would be nice. And, no don't buy me the 100 dallor stick lol. I want the really really cheap little water tablets.

But I have a meeting with pres this thursday to see if I can upload photos to Costco but idk if he will let me they said he is pretty strick, sorry its taken so long i just got done looking and reading stuff. Man this week went really fast, dude conference is sooooo awesome I can't even believe how much I have been missing out on all these years. I watched every part of it and I loved it all, except when that one women talked to the women I kinda dozed off, but it was funny for evey session except the sunday morning it was the missionaries 8 of us and like maybe 2-8 other people lol it was so awesome though, we all had our snacks and drinks and we were watching and eating it was awesome I loved it so much, me and my comp are haveing a hard time right now in this area its just a really hard area. We lead the mission in OYM (OYM means offer your message or open your mouth, its just how you find investigators and the members are getting better we have reactivated quiet a bit) and finding people but everyone thinks they know everything and there all soooo set with there religion. Their to dumb to get how important our message is and I don't have the tagalog to tell them yet, but my tagalog is increasing so much it's awesome I am getting to say what I want to and everyone can understand me, I can't wait to see what happens next transfer I dont know if I want to stay here or leave. I dont care whatever happens I know its the best for me, I have been soooo humbled here I can't believe it, I asked for it and now im getting it. But the mission is soooo hard, the language the heat the dumb people my freakin comp, the crazy food, everything is crazy and hard about this place except for buying stuff. But I love it all and I'm learning so much and I wouldn't ask for all this ANY other way! And ya they have internet he lives in a pretty rich place, and ya I got the pics thank you and ya that ring is huge. I'm right by the rice fields, sometime I have to cross them to get to houses, we saw the BIGGEST snake the other day while doing it, and the wierd thing is as you eat rice more and more you start to like it more and more and I guess that never goes away, I LOVE rice now lol how wierd is that, oh ya and the rice fields here suppost all of the philipopines and a lot of other countries.

Oh and I don't need the speakers I have some already and I don't use mine cause my room mate has awesome music and loud speakers and a dvd player
the other elders are Elder naler and elder pincock, there both young and the crazy thing I guess is pincock has only been out for 6 months and he is a distric leader and I guess you usually dont get any job like that tell after at least a year. But I don't want to send photos, I guess there is this place where I can get them on a disc here then I'll just send it home in a package. Naylor lives somewhere in utah, you don't need to be talkin to all these moms lol. haha yeah I'm just trying to have the best attitude about everything but it's already wearing on me. And he is so cool elder pincock, and ya I just went on a split with Elder Nalor and I think I go on with with Pincock this week, Elder Naylor and my split was awesome it was the first time I have really been able to teach a LOT cause we were both so new and he kept saying my tagalog was way farther then his. This thursday is my interview with president, im so excited for that.
Man, I want to set goals but idk what to base them on. I don't even think I'm going to be a doctor anymore lol I guess I can make some mission goals though. That will be sweet.

Well I would tell the quorm to study things in preach my gospel but YA right lol there all going to have the same attitude I did but they'll see lol and I'm not getting frustrated or anything, I could care less cause were doing all we can.

MOM: Hey I was going to send a package with things in it for kids like pencils and little toys like bouncy balls. Is
that ok?

Hheck no don't do that, that is candy space, and the kids here once you give them anything just expect the world so I don't give them ANYTHING. Maybe one care package every transfer so like 1 every 6 weeks would be sweet, cause there are care packages like we depend on the things in those packages for 6 weeks. Sweat and Bloode should go into the packing of that package lol jk,
I have to go, its been an hour, ya we have icecream but its expensicve it cost about the same as home, but they don't have american chocolate, thats what you need to send is choclate bars and picture. I'll write next p-day, love ya!

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  1. Hi Elder Riner; I love ready your blog. I guess you have figured this is Nate's Mom. I don't think he even knows he has a blog. I just post for him. It is amazing how missions can be so different. I pray for you daily. You stay healthy and be safe. Big Snake! When you say Philippines, that means BIG SNAKE to me.
    Nate is doing great! He is in Amerillo Texan serving. Loving it there. They live with a family and he is enjoying the mission life. Just wanted to say Hi! Take Care! We think of you often.