Monday, April 26, 2010

I am getting really good at washing my clothes. And my fingers aren’t getting so bad now. I actually love doing it now. We sit there and talk and wash and listen to Disney. First thing I am doing when I get home is not shaving or cutting my hair until I start looking for a wife
Man this week has been a roller coaster I swear so much has happened. But it’s like this every week lol I think back on it and I’m like holy cow no way was that all in a week but it was. First of all I want to get that jump rope thing from u dad again lol I think I remember most of it and I do it every night right after stuff and I love it hurts but its awesome. My comp was like man if that is what it takes to look like u I don’t want it ha-ha I've actually gotten stronger since I’ve been here I think but man I have the worst Farmers tan u wouldn’t believe it lol its pangit. That's ugly. Oh and I want to know how far each dot is for that dot drill so I can make one and do it.
Alright so this week.... Well Wednesday I went on this exchange cause my comp is about to go home and so I went on this exchange in Cauayan with the missionaries that stay with the APs and so we went out and did NOTHING lol I felt so disobedient but I didn’t even do anything bad. I didn’t even know what to do. Actually the only thing we did all day was OYM and I’m the one that did it lol. I did buy this sick bag though ill show it too u when I send my picks home its sweet. But that whole day everyone I talked to knew me and my comp, and I got bombarded with questions from everyone and I knew none of them. Then I hung out with the APs. They like me for some reason lol because they talk about me a lot I guess with all the other people that why like everyone in this mission knows me. Oh ya and that is what I found out is that everyone in the mission knows me lol. So we had transfers and my comp leaves in 3 weeks in the middle of one and I found out that pres was going to have 3 aps for a while then the oldest one that was about to go home was going to train me. I was like the what did I do wrong lol but things changed at the last second and now I don’t know what is going to happen. Then transfer day came and my elder Pincock left and is a Zone leader now and Naylor came back with a new comp. He was like Elder RIner the whole mission knows u lol he said people kept coming up to him and was like hey how is elder Riner. And he was like who the freak are u lol I just started laughing when I heard that. He said people were saying that before my comp goes home one of us is going to kill the other cause we are SOOO different its nuts.
But anyways this week has also been good with my Tagalog. I jumped another level this week and I almost got grammar down which is the hardest part. In about one more transfer I hope to have it so I don’t have to rely so much on my comp. I wake up early to study language and then study it at night too. I really want to get it. It’s the most frustrating thing in this world.
Man I want to hear about Nate. He kind of knows my situation. SO HOT all the time its stupid. Oh I ate some interesting things. First I ate a whole fish like the side flippers things and stuff and my comp ate the head like everything I kid u not but the tail and the bones. Then we ate a WHOLE chicken. I guess u can eat the whole thing except bones and the big intestine. that mean the legs and everything well I guess u cant eat the beak.... but ya I was chewing on this thing and I was like hmm hey what is this and my comp was like that is the neck, I was like what. But it was pretty good so it was alright then I was eating something else and I was like what is this. But it was good too and I didn’t want to ruin it so I just don’t ask anymore. As long as its edible and it won’t kill me. I’m good with it now. Oh then I ate frog. HMMMMM frog was the best I loved it so much. The bones are weird in the frog though. Oh this is how u eats things. U put it in urn mouth then chews and chew then spit out the bones. It took a little getting use too. I’ve gotten really good at cooking stuff. I just hate how long it takes. I just want to EAT it. Uh no I didn’t eat the dog I told you about last week. I would have thrown up it smelled like horrible wet dog, and over 75 percent of the dogs here u can’t eat because they have diseases and they are naked. Like no hair cause of their sicknesses, dude dogs here are so ugly, and there are only mutts. Nothing else they’re all soooo ugly.
Oh and then there is teaching. Ill tell u about one guy because we teach about 20 or more lessons a week and that would take forever. But this guy had pretty much given up on life, he was so old and he had had a hard life his whole life, like u can’t understand. Think of rouging wheat all day in the hottest day, that is what this guy has done him whole life and barely has enough food to eat. so he didn’t believe in a life after and he kept saying, I have no hope and stuff like that. Man we taught him this lesson and just bore testimonies and by the end he was smiling and u can see him completely change. Then he came to church this Sunday, Man that is what the mission is all about. Ill go through any kind of hardship in this world to give someone that hope, all of this is so worth it for little things like that.

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