Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

The mission got WAY awesome this last few days cause now I can communicate with people its Awesome, i still have a ton to learn but I can just talk fast and it makes sense and they reply. I kid you not its right after my fast for it too. Oh man its seriously a miracle its just so awesome. Hey you and mom and chelsea and madi need to study the Prayer thing in preach my gospel. That is one thing I wasn’t using right and it can help u SOOOO much if you listen to the things in there and use it the right way, I’m telling you it can help you a LOT. but yeah the mission is going good. We have dates for baptism but we cant baptize. Here we have the hardest baptismal standards in the world, they have to go to church 4 times by themselves without missing two in a row. plus they have bukit (harvest) right now so all the lalakes (men) are gone so we cant teach. but the mission is getting way better now. Our AP told us they did this study and the kids in Harvard that learn a language don’t even learn it half as fast as the average missionary, that was kinda cool.
our mission motto is "only in the Philippines." i do love how i can still pee where ever i want. that’s awesome! but I drink so much water. and you don’t have to worry about me starving. I’m like chef boy r d, I’m getting magaling (talented) and this cooking stuff and I never miss a meal and I can straight but away the rice now haha like 2 cups.

Yeah I’m defiantly not baptizing for numbers I don’t want that on my shoulders after this life, the place I am were setting records, the kids weren’t even good missionaries its just everyone wanted to be baptized they had 78 in 8 months and they had a world record one week for investigators that attended church it was over 50. but NONE of there converts go to church so me and my comp a lot of the time just teach less actives so its hard to get baptisms but it all the same work. but that’s why its so dead now cause the members hated the missionaries and now were getting the trust back. ok so magaling is like talented and stuff. You start to know words for like there meaning more then there like translation lol its weird but awesome i do write for a place in town there is 3 places and the other 2 were packed so now were at a different one and its fast so its good. and we live in the straight boonies right now and I’m pretty sure ill be here for a while because they say that is how it usually is there but I don’t care and ya we have to catch rides to town on tricycles and jeepnies. I cant explain it lol sometime I ride on the roof actually that was just once but you like ride on the back of the motorcycle while your comp is in this little thing and they jam it. Only in the PHILIPINES I kid you not it’s so crazy. Its a good 15 min drive. and ya you pee wherever and you see people pee wherever and its all good but just pee.

right after we email we eat at jllybee which is the highlight of our eating experiences of the week its so good. oh and I have been forced to drink this water. My comp says it’s all clean though and I haven’t gotten sick but believe me I avoid it as much as possible. I just bless the water lol and he said he didn’t grow up with it he said were he is from, he has clean water. He said the water here is just clean. They do get it from DEEP wells but still I’m trying not to drink it.

Illacano I will learn for sure. My comp learned it with me and him have been together for 3 weeks or whatever so it’s not to hard but its sounds completely different. Dude you should see my fingers from washing they are so jacked up. Don’t send gloves. That’s wasting room. Ill develop calluses. thanks for the life package I got it and you have no idea how good a M&M taste here.

I'm definetely tall here and have been called it quite a bit. Yeah its pretty bad with the girls but its not a problem and no you don’t get sunburned really here and the other 2 elders are American thank goodness and they teach more way more then my trainer lol alright I need to go. Read the prayer thing out of preach my gospel and try to put more photos on here for next week, tell payton good job from me.

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  1. Colton, Not sure if you read the comments on this but we sure love reading it each week and catching up with you. Your expereinces and explanations make us laugh. You are such an example to us and we love growing from you. Keep up the hard work "tall" one. We love ya!