Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rainy Season Has Arrived

i just ran into the table, u can see it on the picture with al the bloode on the ground. it was weird, i really was lie not freakin out at all i thought the whole thing was just kinda funny, but my comp was EvERyWHERE and then all are neighbors were too i was actually pretty funy.
ya i did, and it was like not a hospital lol it was crap and it cost like 35 bucks or somthing lol no insrance, it was just all horrible, i kid u not i got SOoooooo many shots and it was all right in the midde of the thing the guy filled it up FULL three times and put it all into my leg, that was the worst part then when he was sticking i could still kinda fill it lol then i got more shots and it was just a mess lol
hahaha yeah they are pretty stickin funny. DONT loose them plz lol but did u see me jump into the bukid? HAHA oh and ya i got s bunch of
stiches, i didnt want to tell u tell it was healed and its healed now i just got a sick scar, everyone thinks its the coolest but its just
ugly, but i had to like force noone in the office to tell u lol

oh ya a ton, it is awesome, and yesterday was the best ive ever taught ever it was so sticking awesome,like u have not idea how bad it was at the begging of me and naylors comp, it was so bad, i mean it was just soooo hard, but now its so much better and verses just pop in my head all the time now i love it, yesterday

we had this girl we were teaching that just looked like she wanted to kill us, and then she got her bible and then i showed her everthing i was talkin about and then it turned out really good and she is going to pray about js and stuff, she was way hard but it ended up really good.
um no we didnt have any this week, but we have atleast like 8 lined up and then we should probably get even more this week

, i wonder who isgoing to be next comp, oh me and naylor are going to plant rice today, its going ot be soooooo hot.

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