Monday, July 19, 2010


when i read that we should be getting good referrals this week mom my mouth dropped, we got the best referrals i have received my whole mission that really really want to be baptized.. haha crazy! (I had just wrote and told him we had been to the temple this week and that he should be expecting some good referrals. HAHA)
Oh man this week has been a, well i don’t know what it is really called in English but its baligtat in Tagalog lol, it like flipped upside down or the opposite of my whole mission. Its nuts i have went from the BESt comps ever to one of the most disobedient missionaries in the Mission.LOL its kind of funny, i was soooo scared at first but i am sooo thankful for it now, i know there is a TON i am going to be able to learn from it and i know i will be able to help him. But holly cow he is disobedient, we listen to NOT good music, he has a cell phone, if it wasn’t up to me i think we would work a good 3 hours a day lol. But i have realized nothing really matters besides he is willing to go out and work when i want and come home late at night when its the right time. Of course i want to tell him THAT MUSIC IS NOT APROPRIATE but i really really don’t want to be on bad terms with my comp so ill endure and ill put subtle hints and stuff and i think i can help him out a lot. U know ur comp is bad when ur zone leader comes up to u after and is like, “just love ur comp" i was like NO lol and then pres must know too cause he came to our ward totally unexpectedly yesterday and was like, how is ur comp, is he working? lol so i am pretty sure he knows about him But besides that... i got to meet our pres, he is sooo awesome i love him so much. He has surprised me twice now. First he shows up way randomly to our district meeting and randomly interviews 5 of us, and every one of the others had something in common but me, they were all leaving, he just called me in to talk with me and stuff it was weird but way cool i loved it. He said that he has been praying about me and says ill get a lot of good opportunities in my mission, so that’s cool. i love him SO much and his wife is just as cool, SO cool. she cooked me my pizza and gave me root beer and brownies and ice cream to eat with it... i love them SOOO much. And then the work has been good. We have a ton of progressing now its soooo awesome i will probably baptize like 8 in these 6 weeks, pres told me this is my last cycle. So i am working my butt off now trying to help it out before i leave. OH I LOVE THE MISSION.
(Are the little boy and girl you baptized still going to church?) oh heck ya there soo strong, and did u ever get that other pic i sent? Of my other baptism, mike and nanny cita. There strong tooo, everyone i have baptized so far is way strong.
(Do you need another package?)
ya, i almost killed my comp, i prayed for patience lol cause last night he ate my fastbreak, i was SOOOO mad inside, the only important things in the package are candy bars and pictures, just don’t forget that stuff. and just send the cheap like 13 dollar one it doesn’t have to be big
(Hum. You must be preparing to live with a wife! They break you in by giving you a guy to figure out first before they will give you a wife to try and figure out! Ha-ha)
I don’t want to get married anymore, alright mom take care, good luck with everything luv ya! Thanks for the support

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