Monday, January 31, 2011

well this week was awesome. i could easily tell u everything but that would take forever and we only have like 2 hours so ill just tell u some sweet stuff that happened and some stuff i learned this week. so we had this one REALLY REALLY awesome lesson to this guy that is a seventh day and to be honest wants to do the write thing but kinda drinks and smokes and stuff. so this was our third time teaching him and it was awesome. so the time before we had comitted him to pray and ask is joseph was a true prophet (just like we do to EVERYONE) and so i asked how it went and he said it was good. and he believed he was a true prophet. so then i went into how knowing that was so important and if that is really true and he is a true prophet it means this is the only church that has that awthority that was restored and he needs to get baptised with it. so i asked him to get baptised. then he was like, ive already been baptised, and he is old and his WHOLE family is 7th day and stuff and he keeps sayiing like all our doctrine is the same and he really wants to be baptised in this church but its pretty much the same and he will just go back to his church ahahah. the cool thing about this whole dumb experience was the spirit that was there. the guy was like, on the verge of tears, and he goes off saying, " u know what elders i am very thankful for u, u have really changed me. i use to be a preist at our church and i was really active and i was do really good. but then i got into some smoking and drinking and pretty soon everything was gone. i stoped goiomng to church and i just got lost in doing these bad things." then he said," i have had TONS of other missionaries, from all the diffrent kinds of churches, but u have been the first one that have really helped me out. he said, ever since u have gotten here i have felt the spirit, look, feel that, he is with us right now, and i have been able to quit all my smoking and drinking and i just dont want to do it anymore, i have really changed and really pray hard now and stuff, and im so thankful for u, and this saturday, im happy to say, ill be going to church for the first time in years...." i was like SOOOOOO MAD, and very happy at the same time. of course we went on about this athority, but at the same time we dont want to just throw it in his face that his is wrong and it will do nothin for him ahaha but im hoping in our next visit we will be able to share with him the BoM and he can get a testimony of that too. i guess i was just so thankful for the spirit that that guy had felt, it was a really cool experience, after it all i said a prayer, and i just wanted the best for the guy and thats pretty much what i said to god and when we were done he was crying.
Another thing that happened this week came while i was just studying and kinda thinking. here i love to study all i can, even if it means getting up earlier then 6 thirty or not eating breakfast, or not cleaning at night cause i just read scriputers tell i cant keep my eyes open, i try to study as much as i can. But in this perticular study time cause i relised something that has had a impact on me this week that im so glad god let me know about. in my mission i have came to the fact that god doesnt have to bless us. he wants to, he loves us and he wants to, but its really important that he test our faith too and doesnt give them to us all the time even when we really need them. so in my mission i have always relied on blessings coming from obedience and trying my best always and hoped to have those blessings. but i have alsways really tryed not to expect any. i remeber beofre my mission i really expected blessings for doing good things, like if i read the scriptures god was going to do everything else for me or if i prayed for gods help, once a week, right before my football game for his help, he was defianlty going to give it to me. but i have learned that is defiantly not true! and now i have hope that they will come, but dont expect them. and that was good, and i kept doing everything i was suppose too. but the thing i noticed while studying is that this thought had actually backfired on me, because i couldnt, with assurance, expect a blessing after i did somthing, it made me not want to do it, and i didnt even relise i was doing that untill i was studying and god just kinda let me know. i had just relised i had kinda faded away from doing things just cause its good and not for the blessing that follows. EXAMPLE: like giving my comp the bowl with more ulam on it, even though he always takes the one with more every chance he can, and like studying a extra 15 min while waiting ofr osmthing while everyone else is goofing and stuff. u know juat all those things that know one owuld ever know about except god. But now, i've relised that its not about getting the blessings, its about doing the better thing. being a virtues person is always the best. Ev er since ive noticed this ive gone back to being that person again that does those things, not knowing or expecting that god will bless me, but just do it and god will take care of what he wants. i guess i just wanted to share that cause, idk, its just a cool little thing i learned for myself and i know it will help anyone who uses this concept in there lives too. just do the right thing, let god take care of the rest. plus u just become a better person and u just feel better.
the mission is awesome. i love it, i dont wana go home. some times me and jackson talk about it, and school and stuff. NO i dont want it. but its all good ill just make sure its the best 2 years i could possible give and i feel really good about the one that is already down... love ya all, take care. man i hope this makes since, i cant speak in english very well anymore....

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  1. You are amazing Colton!! Keep up the great work! And I'm so proud of you!! So glad you are learning so much. And you have touched so many people. love you!