Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well earlier this week i had a split with our district leader that is Samoan. it was a sweet split, i loved it. We ended up having a ton of lessons and it just learned a lot together and i learned a lot about him. we had a good talk about goals and stuff and ended the split REALLY good. Then, after that, actually before that, we had a Zone meeting that went really good. i was happy with how it went. we set up a huge game, that game were they have to find a bunch of clues and it ends up leading to the prize, ya, that; and it was fun! We also had something called. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE this week. it was also pretty dang fun, full of games and just stuff we can use in our mission that isnt directly related to missionary work, but can make a diffrence. like budgeting and exercising and being prepaired. just a lot of little things. we had 2 zones all meet here in santiago so i got to see a lot of other missionaries. it was way cool. Friday is a historical day for me, it the day i FINALLY got to eat DOG!!! it was funny, it was the snack of a bunch of drunk people. some how i found out of heard that it was dog they were eating, so i asked to confirm; it was! so i asked for some and they gave it to me. it was SO GOOD. it really tasted really good i kid you not. but i was just excited because at last, i had now tasted DOG :). so quiet a bit actually happened this week that kinda distracted us a little from our work. but, even with all that, we still ended up getting a ton of work in, and had one of the best weeks EVER. yesterday was SOOOO awesome. we ended up with my personal record high of 20 people at church. it was so awesome. there was a TON. god has just really blessed us with a lot of peolpe that are ready for the gospel. SO it just been way awesome. and not just our work. but the whole ZONE has improved a ton this week. the kis were like higher then they have been all year and you can just tell that everyone is getting more focused on the work. its aweosme. i LOVE this work. i also had a pretty SWEET testimony building experience this week, when we ended up being led to the house of a Jahovas witnesses priest... his is only 25 too but really smart when it comes to the bible. it was cool being about to share with him, but we also how found out a TON about there religion too. he is a way good teacher and i personally learned a lot from him, but one of the biggest things i have learned from my experience there was the truthfulness of the verse in the scriptures where it points out that the bible will be changed and end up being a huge stumbling block for many. man i can totally see how they could get soooo confused. they base everything they say off of what they read, but there is just so much missing and so much that they just dont completly understand. i remeber just testifying of a living prophet and how he guides gods church so there wont be any confusion and ire, and just he over all importance of living prophets. it ended up really good. we left feeling pretty good about it all. there were some times were it got really intense though ahah it was so cool, like you could see them getting frustrated and kinda mad but we tried our best not to bash and just to testify. SO, even though there was a little yelling from there part, it never got to out of hand. we actually have a return appointment again. this will be the 3rd. im excited. we left them a book of morman cause they gave us there other "simplified" version of the bible and so i really want to see if they read the book of morman at all cause before they were really confused about it. Well the week has been exciting, and awesome. next week we will have 3 baptisms of 2 of my most BELOVED investigator, i really LOVE them and they are SOOO ready to be members of this church. Love ya all, hope everything is going good.

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