Sunday, May 15, 2011

man it sounds like a BUSY week! that is crazy. man chelsea is getting close to graduating hu?... wow that is wierd. i cant explain how fast time is flying right now! its crazy. its cause the work right now is AWESOME. god is blessing us a ton with a bunch of good investigators that are ready to progress and its awesome! we had 12 go to church yesterday and have 10 with dates. we should have had a ton more go too but we;ll get them there next week. but the work is really going awesome right now and its just really humbiling and im way thankful for the success god is giving us here right now.
Im WAY excited to go back to mabini this weekend. that is going to be way fun! and ive had 4 philipino comps mom.... there is way more philipinoes then americans. but i guess thats just kinda how its worked out for me... im cool with that too i love my comps. this ones name is troy ellis. he is cool. really smart and funny. just a really good comp, doesnt get mad or anything easy and has pacience maybe i can develop taht atribute from him in our time together :)...
Im glad u guys like those videos and stuff. the next onse we watch all be there with you :( man i cant believe thats how close its becomeing... CRAZY. but ya i need to start workng on my stuff when i can, it would be nice to get it done while this guy is my comp, he knows how to do all that and he can help me out and hook me up.
well everything in the field is going really good. were going to have a big meeting with all the leaders again in the whole mission, that will be cool. in our batch there is 6 of us and from what i know 3 are going home early...
i almost forgot to mention, we also had that jubilee celebration here, it was so fun, we had this huge parade were a TON of mormans dressed up in suits and we road all over santiago and we were included. then we went to the colisium were the actually danced and it was sweet! they were good and we watched a TON it was so cool. but after, randomly, a thousand girls asked to get pictures with me... they dont really respect the fact im a missionary, just the FACT that im good look'n.... hahaha love ya

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