Monday, May 2, 2011

ya we bought airsoft guns to kill all the cockroaches and other animals, but we got a little out of hand the first night after we bought them and distroyed our clock... And im pretty sure ill just skype cause it would be easier so maybe ill just try to do that but i have to try it out later if i still remeber how to get on and stuff.

Alright so my week has been pretty sweet. Lots of work as a missionary and a ZL. God has really been blessing our work a TON and we have a lot of progressing investigators right now so it makes everything awesome, and it makes the days full. Like everyday goes by to fast, im always wanting time to like slow down or stop so we can fit everything in so that is a big blessing and ive very thankful for gods mercy on us and has finally started granting us some success. MAN its HOT here right now. SOBRA! we have to bring HUGE things of water with us everywhere or we would die... Probably one of the coolest things that happened this week was jubilee. we selibrated the 50th year of the church and missionary work in the philipines. saturday night we got to watch this bradcast that was awesome. it was a bunch of kids dancing and stuff, it was so sick. and i even got to see my trainer, elder salapa. he sang a duet and all the missionaries were like freaking out cause it was him, it was pretty sweet to see him, he is SUCH a stud. he'll do big things with his life. he still writes me every ones in a while. then sunday we had a huge conferance and elder cooke and elder packer talked. it was really good and kinda pumped me back up. i love being a part of this work. its going by SOOO fast right now. my comp has started saying some good byes to some of our baptisms, its pretty sad but nothing ya can really do. some take it better then others... but besides all that everything is going awesome. i think i have worms so im going to talk with someone this thursday if i can get that figured out but besides that im still way healthy, (FAT), and god is really blessing our work. thanks for everything i love ya all and am getting excited to talk to ya again next week. INGAT!

THanks mom for everything. sounds like ur holding down the fort pretty good, thats awesome. it was wierd, a lot of the talks this sunday were about families and it just got me thinking about my own pretty soon, that was NUTS, it also made me think of u and dad. crazy all uve done for us kids. i thought about it and MAN im just really thankful. but i think i would feel pretty successful as a parent if i were u two. Man im doing GREAT out here, Love it, to be honest i just want my kids and brothers to come out and have the experiences i am and learn like i am. i just love how i have to completly rely on god, as in like im almost scared without him like im NOTHIN, its like the best relisation ive ever come to in my whole life and its only something my prideful self could come to see in the mission field serving and having to do it in a foreign language. LOVE it. but thanks for everything, you 2 are awesome parents!

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