Monday, May 3, 2010

Yeah I’m still in that area and it’s pretty hard but it’s alright. And I am living proof u can do anything with heavenly fathers help. I see is all the time. There is no way I could live here, and be healthy, and not get completely frustrated, cause I have this awesome message to tell and I can’t get the words out. but I have been jumping barriers in my language it has been awesome I am learning a ton and growing in the language almost daily but I’ve never been through anything harder in my life. It gets really frustrating and sometimes u feel like you are doing awesome and then u just get humbled again. But I am actually doing really good. I can tell I am getting it a lot faster then a lot of other elders. I can speak with someone and understand everything and we can just sit and talk I actually do that sometimes but it just that its not always right and its not fast and there are probably better words I could use, but like I said it is coming way better and I am seeing huge improvement. I hope by the end of a couple more transfers to have it down. I actually got my first comment on it. This guy told me that a person can learn it for 10 years and not have it as good as me. But I don’t think the guy knew too much. My goal would be the end of this cycle. I could do it if it’s the Lord’s will though. I know I will learn this language when God thinks I have done enough to learn it and I have struggled enough. Then I’m going to learn illicano the next language its pretty crazy I have been recording a ton to send home to u in a few weeks. You will like it But I still have a long, long way to go to get where I want to be.

But this week was pretty cool. I have never seen storms in my life like we have had this week. It’s so awesome it will be completely light then in 15 min pitch black and no light. Then it will rain like no other and the whole sky will be lit up with lightning. Sometimes we have to run before it pours too much to our next appointment, but we haven’t stopped working, we just come home when time is up soaked as can be. We even tract sometimes in it if our last appointment falls through, people look at us so funny but I love it.
Our lessons are going good. We teach awesome lessons that the people refuse. Sometimes I am like what, why? What did u not get? But lots of the people just aren’t ready for it. This week was a lot of seeing people get so close then just backing out. Its frustrating, people just don’t want to think to hard about what’s going to happen. They are too caught up in the world. I think we can all learn something from that. we just need to stop and look at the big picture sometimes and not get so caught up in everything we forget what we do all these things for. I tell people that all the time. Tatay, what is our purpose here on earth, why are we here. I love getting people to think of that. U can tell most people don’t like to very much. Then they just get really defensive especially if there not doing good things in life,

We are making my comp trunky lol its so funny me and Elder Naylor made him a trunky chain and its has how many days he has left and each one has a question and he has to open it in the morning then close it at night and we talk about it all day lol its so funny. U wouldn’t believe our conversations though. I learn most by myself which is harder but better for me. I know how to do everything perfect, and he is a really hard worker, it’s nothing like that. He is perfect but its hard to explain lol he has all the preach my gospel and white handbook memorized so I can’t do anything, and he even twists rules I swear.

Hey by the end of this month I might have to take out like 20 bucks but I swear it will be the last time for a while. I’m buying a pair of pants and some water buffalo belts that are more spendy. But there so awesome wait tell u see them, but ya just so u know. I am going to buy another pair of pants today and this week I’m going to buy these sweet belts that everyone had to buy when there here on there mission cause there made out of the water buffaloes horn.
There candy is weird. Dude wait tell the pictures u will see. One of my favorite things is ice cream in bread. Its home made ice-cream but its pretty good and it is in bread.
We’re looking for old couple missionaries, ours are sooooooo cool but they’re all going home really soon. gtg talk to u next week.

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