Sunday, June 20, 2010

i do swim to every appointment, but actualy this week wasnt as bad except for last night but seriously it rains like u wouldnt believe but we still work and sometimes the let us in, but i dont have to use the foot stuff. iam not gaining any weight, but i am ok i dont need too. um we dont ride trycycles our area is small enough to walk. and i walk a TON. u woudnt believe. Dude mom this week was soooo awesome mom
oh man so this week has been a FULL stinking week. Alright so first of all me and elder naylor decided we were going to set a knew record of OYMs cause it was horrible., together wehave litterlay talked to all of Mabini so we just decided we were going to talk to them all again, cauase we were lacking investigators, so we did it. Dude the old OYM record for our mission was 118 and elder Naylor knows cause his trainor was a AP and all he wanted to do was brake that record but he couldnt. But anyways we worked our freakin butts off and we got 171, DUDE!!! we killed the old record. Im pretty sure were going to get yelled at but these OYMs were all leggit, we were ALWAYS looking and talking to EVERYONE we saw, and the thing is a oym is offer ur message and even if ur talking to 10 poeple that counts as an oym so even though are number is 171 we talked to like 500 stinking people, and they were all really good ones and we wrote all there names down so we cant get in trouble, this has been the BEst thing in the world for my tagalog and my teaching, i love the mission any weakness u have u find and it slaps u right in ur freakin face but i have been perfecting all my weeknesses through setting goals and man my teaching has gotten sooooo much better in one week its nuts and my tagalog. Oh im soooo close, i just need vocab, my vocab is already pretty good its just when u talk to freakin preiest, they have huge vocab, wich reminds me, we kinda got in a fight with so witnesses, it all starting cause he was ike hey i have a question for u, as we were walkin by, and so were like what, and he was like how long was it from when adam last saw god to christ birth, i just freakin laughed. but he was like oh your dumb u guys dont know anything about the bible come to my house and ill teach u some things. oh man , but i am starting to get realy good with using scriptures, i have starting memorizing a lot of them and like everything someone says i can think of a scripture now, its really cool, and that just started this week. yesterday was funny, first of all i was SOOOOOO close to throwing up at a member house it was bad! if i would have that would have been so bad, it is like this rice that they boil and it all like slimes together ands its really horrible but its there desert and there so proud of it but its HORRIBLE. but by some miracle i finished it and we left imedianty that nanny is so crazy she literally FORCES food into my mouth, and its not regular food its like freakin the weirdest plants in the world. oh and then i was oyming this one lady and she was a freakin NUT cases lol. she was like what is that on ur face and i was like its because i sweat all the time, and then i tried to offer the message and she was like no i cant i have a calling to and i was like whats that and she was like i heal people and those things on ur face are evil spirits and they are trying to take over ur face because ur extremly guapo HAHAHa and of course i was getting the biggest kick out of this so i was like, "OH crap,What do i need to do?!?!" hahaha and she was like u need to wipe cocanut oil on ur face in this wierd way and then u need to put boiling water on ur face, and i was like alright, i was like can we set a appointment to come back and she said no we needed to do it right now, and then i looked back and my comp and this family is looking at me wierd and i just started laughing, and the family was like " Man u have to have reallly good tagalog to be able to talk with her" lol i guess they all know she is kinda crazy. Oh then this story, Ive repented so dont judge me, but this guy was just freakin drunk and he kept calling me over and i was by him and im like this is close enough i aint going there and he was trying SOOOO hard to get me to take a shot, he was like " Come on man i want to be ur frinds and if u take a shot ill go to ur god next week" lol u woulnt believe how drunk this guy was. and his frind was just as drunk and funy, man it was so funny, and so i was like no and he wouldnt stop so i was like, u do it first, and so he starting filling up his cup and then he stopped and i was like WHAT? come on that is nothing and so he put a ton in a drank it and i was laughing so hard and then we just left. Oh this week was so good. crzy experiences, met crazy people, everyday i came home freakin DEAD exhauster.
Got to LOVE the mission

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