Sunday, June 6, 2010

A New Companion!......Kinda

Alright ill just start by telling ya about my week. Nothing too big happened this week, first of all it was hard sending another comp home its just the weirdest feeling, plus he really didn’t want to go because he really doesn’t have a home to go home to. He just told us how he just ate ulam with just salt and rice and then other times he would just buy this 1 pero stuff and use it as ulam, the kid was dirt poor it sounded like but he was the Coolest guy and a really good missionary.
So that night we had to spend the night with like 8 elders it was nuts we played this intense dodge ball game it was way fun, then in the morning we woke up and went to play basketball at way early but in the first 5 min I messed my ankle up way bad like it hurt but it didn’t affect our work. I was just a little slower and its almost better now.
And then me and Naylor worked for a whole day and then got a text that we were both suppose to go to Cauayan and get 2 new comps so we got the apartment ready and then at transfers I got to see my batch and everything. It was way awesome to see them and their stories, and then it turns out my new comp is.... Elder Naylor, ya we were like what the freak why did we come all the way just to get paired up, then later we saw this sheet and it turns out we did have 2 new comps but pres changed like the second before. lol Crazy but the WIERDEST thing out of it all was I saw my new comp and it was the guy from Moses lake, and the crazy thing is all the night before and that morning I knew that guy was going to be my new comp, he was the only guy I could think about its crazy. But its a way good thing he wasn’t he has a rep, cause he is way trunky.
But on our way there we saw this tricycle run over this calf and it completely ran over it. Then the calf jumped up and ran off again it was so funny we just saw it as we were riding there, oh so funny.
But the work has been very different, we are both really new, our tagalog is pretty much the same, the only thing he has on me out here is experience so the lessons are pretty much 50/50, but I am learning and growing so much, its way way hard but its exactly what I needed, I needed to just be thrown out in it and see what happens, my tagalog is way way better now and by the end of this cycle ill have completely gotten it, cause all me and Naylor try to speak is tagalog all day and then with our fellow shippers we just speak with them, its way good. We still have a ton of progressing and good investigators and we got a couple more dates this week, the work is good and I am growing a ton. Love
everyone at home. BYE
Do you still have four elders living together in your house? Does the elder that went home know about the perpetual education fund or have a college near him?
No it’s just me and him in the house, and he doesn’t know anything about anything, he is way way poor though.

Well looks like an hour is up, love ya guys stay safe, have fun finishing up school, tell Payton and Carson and Kellen hi for me, oh man I cant even believe how big there going to be when I get home

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