Monday, June 28, 2010

This week has been pretty good. The highlight was deffiantly our baptism, i got to baptise a mom and a brother this week it was awesome, i was kinda worried about mom i just didnt know how strong her testimony was cause she is PURE illicano, she understands tagalog so we could teach her but it was hard for her to talk back but after we baptised her she bore and AWESOME testimony, oh i got the chills it felt soo good, and then the boy will stay strong too he is probably going to go on a mission! oh the funniest thing was at the baptism, as u can tell from the pics the mom is pretty short and big, well when i baptised her i got her way under, elder naylor said, but when she was coming up she couldnt catch her footing and i had to do all i could not to laugh, same with naylor, but i love being able to do the prayer in tagalog. Did i ever tell u how i blessed this nanny, i tried to do it in english but it i forgot my english at the time so i ended up just doing it in tagalog, the funny thing was after i blessed her she crossed herself, i laughed so hard it was horrible. that happend like 3 weeks ago. Everyone asks for blessings here... Yesterday i had to teach class at church with elder naylor. i was way nervous but it ended up being really good. Me and elder naylor have started eatin way good, before it was either can foods and rice or nothing, but now we are mixing it all up and we eat somehing diffrent all the time and its way better now. we also started working out again but its soooo hard to work out out here i dont like it at all but naylor really wanted to do it so its all good. This morning we played a ton of basketball, i thought i was going to today, its a way diffrent game out here i thought i was going to die, its not that u run out of breath eather its just that it is sooooo hot and we play right under the sun. the craziest is that the philopinos play either bare foot or with just sandles, can u imagine, i step on feet all the time but it doesnt even hurt them, and its not like it slows them down at all either, its just nuts. But anyways this week has been awesome, my tagalog gets so much better all the time and im way exited for that, we even had a split and my comp was PURE tagalog no english but we talked the whole day and there was no language barier it was pretty cool.

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