Monday, June 14, 2010

man i got that package this week, thank u so much that was way awesome! i was so shocked but mom u need to figure out this mailing thing u need to use those one boxes where u just pay for how big the box is then u stuffed it, the vedio was sooo awesome me and elder naylor watched it and i loved to so much. this week has been really good, lots of wierd stuff has happened and its a way big change being with elder naylor but i love it so much more. We went to the sabue (Temple) dedication thing sunday and saturday they had some kind of other celebration deal for it, it was pretty leggit. The best part of this week has been the language though, i am not saying i have it but i can say whatever i want and i understand 90 percent of everything said, now i just need to extend my vocab really but i am way excited for it. OK so this week was nuts, rainy season starts now and when i say that i mean it STARTED, like every night but one or two we came home at night completely soaked to the BONE like just completely, its ridiculous but its alright the only thing i feel so bad going into houses so wet and then when it rains everyone just shuts down its kinda funny how stickin scared it seems like Philippians are scared of the rain, but it literally makes rivers how hard it rains and im not exaggerating, so thats kinda cool, i am pretty excited for the work this week too cause me and naylor are going to find a lot...a lot a lot so we will see what happens, its going to be hard work but it will be good for us. This morning was interesting, so me and naylor wake up at 4 to run to the other zone to play basketball but my ankle was to jacked up so we got a tricycle and then we went and played, it was way way fun, but then we returned and the elders had gotten robbed the night before, its funny there is 4 elders and really only 1 got way way robbed like lots of money and camera and bag and just stupid stuff like that, the best part is we talked to the cops and they know exactly who did it lol but they arnt going to do anything thing cause they know that the guy these guys work for is way high and that they have a ton of guns so the cops arnt going to do anything about it, lol o the Philippines. But the work is going so good, i am learning sooooo much and i am not just saying that, i am really learning a ton and i see God in all my doings all the time.

its 1 dallar to 45 pesos just so u know ( I have all his money in his checking account. After the other Elders got robbed he decided I better not leave much money in his account)

we are in a diffrent town right now cause its way better, this is like the only one that has a pizza shop lol i get to eat PIZZA, thank u so much for the package i loved it. Every package has to have some kind of pics or vedio or somthing but that was way great. Oh ya ashton has gotten bigger and so has cassi a little and then kellon oh my gosh he is a little fatty now and he has grown so much bigger and taller i couldnt believe it. Oh and it didnt make me homesick at all i mean i think about it but it just maked me want to work harder then come home to that after 2 years lol, um ya i use my crocs and i had to buy knew shoes, i already went through those onse lol, everyone one says i walk fast, if missionaries are saying that, i have a problem lol
just so u know i am pretty good with regular food situation, like they have alright stuff and right now i am just lacking because i am living in the boneys, the biggest things in packages are like the candies and the pics and stuff.
the prophet dedicated it, i dont get to go to the temple this whole two years, and it was our church for the whole philippines sunday. Mom i have to go, love ya, cant wait to here from u next week, thank u again for the package it was aweomse, and make me a knew account before i get robbed please.

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