Monday, August 9, 2010

Not a whole lot happened this week, are teaching numbers and stuff were really good so I was way happy about that but nothing real special happened, Except for our baptism, oh man baptisms are so awesome, I got to baptized Remi Joy Delacros Andres, man it was so awesome, Elder Farley was there and he said we never look more studdly then when were baptizing lol it was so awesome, and she is way strong she will be a big help for this ward and im pretty sure she will stay strong! But early this week was kinda cool, I did this job that was like rouging wheat but in palay and in a foot of water and a foot of mud, it was kinda hard but it was ok, we just were all talking with each other in the bukid it was kinda fun, but then we accidently missed District meeting, Oops J but it was cause last week they changed everything up and made district meeting a day earlier so we missed it, oh well I heard they didn’t even have it cause we wernt there haha. Man something else funny happened this week, while I was in the shower room I heard our neighbor singing and I was like what the heck, and she was singing “You raise me up” haha in English and of course the only place u would here that is from us and I was laughing so hard but I thought it was really really cool. Oh man we had another funny thing happen too now that I think about it, we were coming home from a far away place and it was way dark and stuff and then this motorcycle with a side cart passes us and is like get on, so I just followed my leader lol even though its bawal and they were WAY drunk, we even crashed, the guy drove it straight off the freakin rode, so we pulled it back on the road and switched drivers and I told them I would drive but they said that this guy wasnt drunk, LIE, and then it turned out the first driver was a member, I thought he was a good strong ember too L but then Sunday I served sacrament and I served it to him and he denied it so I was happy for that. But this week has just been pretty good, now im just setting everything up for my comp to keep the work going, cause really all I start and find now he is going to have to finish, it kinda stinks but it doesn’t matter who does is, as long as it gets done! Oh and then this morning I saw a kid digging through our burt garbage with a sack over his back, it kinda reminded me I live in a 3rd world country…

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