Monday, September 20, 2010

Alright so my week was alright. Our district is way cool. We had splits this week though and that was defiantly way different, I mean it was cool but I wouldn’t mind it if we didn’t do it again lol just cause it seemed like we didn’t get anything done and then it killed our KIs and our work. But it was cool still I got to work with Lien and its way crazy being able to speak English all day its cool but I relised I really like talking tagalong all day too. But I have gotten way sticking good at pingpong haha cause me and lien play all the time while we are waiting for a interview to finish instead of just sitting and talking we play pingpong and weve both gotten pretty good, and then its pretty funny cause I talked to the philipinoes and they thing they know English but they cant uinderstand ANYTHING when were playing or just talking regular cause its so different and fast they say J. So we baptized 3 more this week, it was a pretty good service and it was pretty fun, they said something that surprised me they all said that they feel like there brand knew and that they are really cleansed from there sins, it kinda surprised me for some reason, I just thought it was way cool. Yesterday was pretty cool too. We wanted to go on splits but we didn’t have enough people to split so we walked EVERYWHERE man I was so tired by the end out the night I fell asleep withing like 2 sec as soon as I hit the bed I was asleep it was crazy. But I had a talk yesterday in church in sacrament meeting, I was suppose to be the closing talk but the other 2 didn’t show up so I went first and then the 2nd counseler is a RM and he talked to but It was funny cause we had a brown out and so it was SOOO hot and there wasn’t any mike but I forgot and I was all asking why the mike wasn’t working and then everyone laughed at me, so I was practicually yelling, and then of course my whole talk was in tagalong and then also I had forgotten I had a talk until like 30 min before so I made a real quick talk on faith but it was really good I think, its funny how much I have grown since my fairwell talk lol it was so much better and I might have put 15 min in it lol. But my comp said it was good, he said it seemed like I was a pastor cuase it was so loud, he was in the very back and he heard everything. But last night was funny to, on our way home it was way dark and I was so tired but we came up and then all the sudden there was a guy just laying in the middle of the road and this is a UGLY dirt road practicly like a irrigation road but ther wasn’t any irrigation, and I didn’t know if he was dead or past out drunk, so I got out my camera to get a picture and then he looked up kinda and my comp was like “are u ok?” and he just layed bac down it was so funny the guy was straight waisted! But that’s pretty much my week, oh and we had a sweet service project forever we cut grass that was as tall us us with sword things, I kid u not and it was big lol but it was way cool, my and pincock just sat and talked like the whole time when it wasn’t our turn it was way cool. Man I wonder what else im forgetting… oh well that’s pretty much my week, its been pretty good and we have good things going good in the area so im excited.

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