Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well this week was kinda cool but mostly boring haha I don’t even know what to write, I had my first district meeting here in the zone, elder pincock is my zone leader and I love talking to him, we talk all the time and its way cool. Its crazy how close u get to people in the mission, like last week I saw elder hardman and elder Naylor and it was the the coolest thing in the world, I swear none of us could stop smiling it was so stinking cool I loved it, we just talked about the knew areas and old investigators and then we are suppose to meet up later in Santiago at mcdanalds, I guess before we even met elder Naylor gave a note to a sister missionary in our branch to give to me and it she did Tuesday and it said to meet there at mcdanolds, idk its just way way cool seein everyone, expecially old companions. Our work this week was pretty good again, I got to go on splits and that was pretty cool, being able to speak in English and everything, I was laughin last night cause I was thinking, even if I wanted to speak in English I cant haha. Oh so yesterday the first counseler came up to me and I have to give the closing talk in sacrament meeting next week. But its way easy its not like I don’t do the same thing everyday. Yesterday we found a duck in the middle of the road and caught it but we saw who dropped it, so we had a plan to give it back but now that I think about it we left it at are investigators house lol, its ulam now J. Well that’s about the week, besides all the stinking teaching and stuff. Man its still crazy how much we walk, but I love it all I learn a ton every week when I think about it and im way thankful.

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