Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Trip To The Emergency Room...Again

Me and my comp get along way good, he is just SOOOO layed back and stuff so its cool. and my teaching is going good, but i just ask a TON of questions to make sure they got it... But we are doing good, our zone leaders did a surprise check on us and then watched our weekly planning and they said we are doing really good and were being really good examples for our whole zone and they bring us up in there meeting and stuff with the pres and other zone leaders so thats good to here that were doing everthing right, but this week was hard man it was just not as good as the others but this coming week is going ot be awesome! we went to this festival this week that was fun too. but that is about it it was kinda a slow week but thats ok, this cycle is already almost over, did i tell u i might get a cell phone, pres just told me that.
well they gave me some shots and numbed my toe then they just cut like a fourth of my nail off. it was kinda painful, but only for a sec or two. oh i saw i dead guy earlier, man i almost forgot that, while i was waitin for my toe i was in the emergency room and then comes in this 50-55 year old guy and he was DEAD he looked dead, and then they told the wife that there is nothing they could do, it was wierd seeing a dead guy again right if front of u and it was said watching them tell her there is just nthing they can do and her kinda crying, he had drankin the night before then took a nap the next day and didnt wake up.
alright mom i have to go, i think about ur stinking birthday everytime the 2nd gets brought up witch is a lot for some reason, have a good birthday, love ya Elder RIner

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