Sunday, September 5, 2010


So how was life at home? Another week in the mission… oh btw I forgot to tell u last time that I got ur package and I was way jack thank u very much, but I was way disappointed that there was no pictures lol that’s what I was looking forward to the most lol but its all good. Well me week was pretty good. First of all a 70 came and talked to our zone for zone confrerence, that guy is like me knew idol. That is exactly how I want to be when I grow up haha guy was just awesome and so spiritual and it was so awesome to see someone so high up like that, sometimes when ur out here u get pretty cocky cause u relies how little everyone knows and we learn a ton as missionaries, just cause we get a ton of experience. So I guess I was getting a little cocky but u could tell that he was just years and years of awesome studying ahead of me and plus the 12 apostles teach these people lol so its just way cool. It was probably the highlight of my week, along with out 2 baptisms. And then our work was really good this week. We teach so much, expecially me, I cant believe how much I teach everyday lol its so awesome cause I love it but its still really crazy, we got 31 member pres lessons this week, 14 with dates and 11 at church, our numbers are way stinking good so I am excited for that but I know its not all about numbers, but our work is going really good. Ive already made a stinking ton of friends to in my knew area, is awesome I love it.
But I have to admit for about 2 days I got back into the spiders, I was going to avoid it completely, then guess what, I met my old comp and he had caught one and brought it to this meeting just for me, so of course the first spider I found we fought and I won, and then it just went down hill from there lol that Ill I wanted to do lol but I stopped cause I don’t want it to become a distraction lol even though it wasn’t interfering our work yet I can see it maybe become a prob so I just stoped J.
Well what else… we had this drunk guy come flying into one of our lessons all loud and he grabs me and he is like else, I just got one question for u, how me gods are there, then I said one and then he was like YES that’s what I told those stinking eglesia ni christo, there is no such thing as one true church, then I was like nope, there is still one one, and then I showed him and in the end we just kicked him out lol he was just crazy. The girls were scared for there life they all left, then some came back but it was cool.
I read matthew again, and john this week, I feel really bad, I know that the BoM is better then the bible but I am so much more into reading the bible right now that I havnt read the BoM for a while, plus I still havnt had the time to finish Jesus the Christ, I even study everynight when we come home, there is just to much to study, and I love it all, I got to thinking why do I need to know this stuff, why is reading so important, but u know what I noticed, everytime im debating between two things of doing, a verse pops right in my head and I know edsactly what I need to do and what the scriptures say and what jesus would want, and I do that like 15 times a day I kid u not and it just always pumps me up, so that is one reason I have personaly found in my life and it is just so cool to be able to do I cant explain it, I love it, the mission is so stinking hard but I love it so much!
lots of these people are passaway and i am like WHY why would u do taht, and then i figure out that almost all of them werent planning to go on a mission untill like last second then they just went, for me i have known and prepaired my whole life just for my mission so its way way more important for me then it is for them. oh man i didnt talk about mcdanolds, i ate MCDANOLDS i felt so stupid in there lol cause i had the biggest freakin smile ever and i couldnt stop, it just reminded me so much of USA, im going to have the stupidest smile on my face forever when i first get home, santiago is huge, it was so stinking cool!!!
my apartment isnt any better, rats destroyed the inside of my suitcase and ate my oatmeal lol its so horrible, they broke my zipper and everything, but i can fix it all. and my shower is a down grade its just a bucket and a big bucket to hold the water, mom its SOOOOOOO cold u dread it everytime u have to take a shower... but ill send pics...

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