Thursday, October 21, 2010

well lets just write a little bit about my week. im going to start before the storm even though thats probably all u care to hear about. But i had my first District metting this week and that was really cool. it was kinda weird but man what a awesome oppurtunity to learn and grow and stuff wow, it was cool getting to talk to all of them with just there comps and stuff. then teaching the whole district was really cool too. but the whole things was just a good e xperiance. then the next day i had a split with elder hardman, and that was fun, we had soooo many oyms and i have noticed that whenever u just look for people something funny always happens just cause the people here are so funny.
Then later that same night we went to someone we just find and were returning to and everyone was druck except the mom and she told us to come in and i was just talking to her and they were appaligizing and stuff it was funny and then while im talkin to mom one of the guys gets up and leaves and i didnt even think anything of it but i knew he was way druck, then we left and i was lik WHERE ARE MY SHOES, and i was looking and looking but they werent there then i was like, "UM mom i think he took my shoes" cause thats what u do here u call everyone mom dad or brother and sister ol, but then she ran after the guy and she comes back with my shoes in her hand, it was so funny. but then anyways the next day i get my comp back and i felt bad cause i sent him off with a full blown philipino that didnt know any English but they did ok. then we saw a sweet cock fight that day, it was SICK i was so jacked and i cant wait to send the vedio home, man i cant to get into at home but i cant :(. but then like friday night i got a text that we had this huge super typhoon coming so saturday we just bought stuff to prepair then we went to the zone leaders and spent a few days, it was aweome to just talk with them but i hated just sitting in there. Finally the storm hit and it was cool, it was
way strong winds lol the trees are ALLL jacked up and then it lasted like one day and we woke up and then just started cleaning stuff up and helping people then we got a text and they said we could go home and work. so thats what we did, but the things is where we live we stll dont have any electricity its been forever now but we should get it soon, right now im in the city so i can emial, but we had to come here to get fresh water cause we are out at home, and then we take showers with like a 2 gallon jug lol its so horrrible haha but i just keep telling myself its all apart of the experioance. I love the mission, we are tearing it up, me and my comp and we are working so hard. but u guys dont have to worry about me, im not going to get hurt out here, i was not ever even kind of worried for some reason. Love the mission, hope everything is ok at home. And mom dont get me anything huge for Christmas PLZ< all i need is a little package with like pics of something, then like put money in my account so i can buy stuff and snd it home for christmas. Thats what i want, just money so i can buy u guys stuff im just in the mission i dnt need anything here....

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