Monday, October 11, 2010

A Newbie

On Thursday Oct, 7 i gave birth to a 155 pound 6 ounce, Elder Jackson
. It was cool, this week was freakin hecktic! First me and my old
comp went everywhere before he left, and it was raining and everything
and it was just miserable but we walked SOOO much it was crazy, and I
ate so much cocanut and drank so much of the stuff inside I could have
puked but it was so good and I loved it, but then thurday, right when
I got there it was so awesome, u just start talking to EVERYONE its so
cool to see everyone and stuff I loved it so much but then like right
away the office elders got me and told me that Pres wanted me, so I
was kinda neveouse. But It was cool he just showed me everything again
and told me everything and gave me this little note telling me I was
going to be distric leader and it was cool, then in the thing I was
the last one out of everyone to get called and everyone was pretty
shocked lol cause I got a kid and became DL but it was cool. Then I we
ate and everything and went home and I showed him around, then it
started raining and stuff so we got soaked, on his first day. But its
just been a really cool week, then Friday we had this one distric
leader training and thy just gave me stuff and taught me how to do
everythjing it was weird and really boring but I needed it and I
learned a ton about being a leader and stuff so it was cool. Then
Saturday and Sunday of course where absaultly awesome we watched the
confrince which was sooo cool and I loved it and learned a ton. Oh ya
and everyone in my distric is really cool, one is elder goobie, he
just got done with being the office elder and he is a really cool
missionary I thought he would go straight to being a leader but I
guess not, then I got hardman, my batch, so I was way excited about
that cuase our birthdays are on the same day so I am really excited to
celebrate with him, plus I love him, then there is elder Elis, those
are all the leaders anyways all there comps are philipinos. But there
all cool and im really excited for my distric. But having someone knew
brings back so many memorize, now it seems like ive been here my whole
life and I am teaching him everything lol. He is the coolest kid
though and im so excited for our cycle or 2 here. He is from
California L.A. and he is just really cool. But that is pretty much
the just of my week, it was pretty hecktic and we hardly got any time
to work but it was all a good experience.

oh and we had a baptism this week i forgot to say that lol

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