Sunday, October 24, 2010


So this week was weird, we lived with no electricity for soooo long it was crazy but we finally got to get back to work so that was awesome. Man our work has been awesome, we don’t rest at all we are always teaching or finding or studying or something, but were always busy and its cool. My comp is a stud, I love the guys that get right out of the MTC, being in the field and always being denied and seeing it all a thousands time KILLS it for u i dont care how good of a missionary u are it kills that spark that u briong to the field with u, but I love being able to train, its so cool, soooooo hard lol but I love it. Plus he is a way cool guy. So anyways for some reason this week was all about the pastors lol, we taught so many pastors and people that just wanted to fight its nuts. But its all good experiances, man my testimony grows so much, knowing about other peoples faith makes ur testimony grow so much about ur own, I have not met ONE person, AND IVE TAUGHT A TON MORE PASTORS THEN THE NORMAL MISSIONARY< and they all come to the conclusion that were all going to be saved, of course I tell them, in a nice way, that there wrong that they cant be saved in there church but they are just always to prideful and set to even REALLY listen, so its always just to bad! But it was cool. Man I have been able to teach a grow a LOT pretty much having to do it all myself in the teaching, my comp just doesn’t know the tagalog, he knows his stuff real good he just cant speak tagalog of course, but he is getting better and I hope he can continue. Man I wish I could write half the funny things I see in a week to u but I just forget im just use to it, but there was this one time were we are walking and its mid day and this guy is waisted and we pass eachother in the middle of knowwhere and u could see that he had peed his pants, man it was funny, we just completely avoided that guy, Then there was this one place that we found that was in the middle of knowhere and everyone was just staring at us, then we sat outside and started teaching and by the end the 2 people we started talking to ended up at like 10, it was sooo cool and intimidating for me but it was cool too, man when we left it was like all eyes on us and I cant tell u how many girls there were just sitting there trying to talk with us, I swear it was everyone in the village, it was jkust we were the only white people to be there for a while. Trees and stuff are all jacked up because of the typhoon but that is it, everything is pretty much back to normal but this wendsday were suppose to have a another littttle one hit again but its tiny. My birthday was ok, man it was so weird, we just worked a TON and couldn’t celebrate but it was all good, just kinowing in the back of my mind I was now 20 was CRZY though, then all day on chelseas birthday that’s all the just poped in my mind, its crazy. But anywyas, that’s mostly my week, just a ton of teaching and stuff and it was just a BUSY full week, ive been SOOOOOO TIRED

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