Monday, October 4, 2010

This week was pretty cool. It started off with district meeting which was ok, but after we had a interview for a baptism, which passed, but we kinds went on splits for 2 sec so we werent just waisting time and me and Lien went and taught, we got back home with a note on the table that said we were having splits, it wasn’t cool. So then we finally ended splits and then the next day we had fingure printing, so every foriener in our mission met at the mission office, it was so cool to see all my batch and naylor and everything I lived it. And then pres called me in and he showed me his transfer board, I was like WHAT but it was just to show me how is in my knew district, I love our knew pres and how he does things, he showed me that and then showed me that im going to be TRAINING I was so shocked, so if he didn’t make any changes that’s what im going to be doing next cycle, I am excited and scared and then really shocked that god trusts me this much, I all the sudden have a ton of responsibilty and I know im going to be way accountable for it all but im really excited at the same time and I know I will grow and learn sooo much from it. So then we went home and then it was Friday, I got to baptise ERICKSON it was so awesome, I cant explain it, dad knows but man its such a different feeling when ur doin it MAN I love the mission. And the Saturday we just worked a ton, and Sunday was the same, we didn’t get to work as much this week cause of all the dumb things but its ok, I loved the baptism and everything. Man yesterday I relised that EVERYONE here has lice, im glad I just noticed but I wonder if I have it, GROSS, but whatever. Dude living here is seriously like camping, everyone showers in the middle of there house on rocks man its weird, yesterday we walked up to 2 houses and the grandma was either waching and had no top on or cleaning with no top on but I was like WHAT the heck. But the mission is going good, we tried to bowl this morning but it was shut down now and there going to go to a cave, I think my comp wants to go but its disobidient, I don’t want to do that. But I got to read my patriaritcal blessing again this week, for like the 20 times and man I love it sooo much. ALL of it. But that is pretty much my week, I have grown a ton this week and my testimony is growing so much ever day, last night was cool, we went to a mebers house just to stop by and then my comp was like elder will u share something, and I was like what, and he was like just pick something so I was like ok, so I shared about the sacrement and then at the end she was like ok, And then she was like well I havnt been takin it because im shy but I guess ill take it now, I was like J I knew I got the lesson from the Holy Ghost!

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