Monday, December 20, 2010

Well my week was WAY awesome. So pretty much our area is BUMPING and
my and Jackson are RUNNING everywhere just to get things done; its not
easy being district leader of a SICK district and have a awesome area,
but it does make time FLY, every weekend I have interviews and
baptisms and all this stuff we need to do, then run home and scramble
just to talk to our investigators. ITS awesome. We have like 11 people
with dates, and 9 went to church. Next week we should have like 17
with dates and like 20 go to church, we could…. That’s how awesome our
area is, I don’t take any credit either, all I can say is that god
rewards u for ur efferts and all I wanted to do with this area was
leave it better then when I came and I will have SUCH a good feeling
if I leave this coming cycle cause this area is awesome. But to be
honest I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE, I want to see all these people get
baptized, there way to awesome, and I love them all a TON, I cant miss
there baptism. But god is defiantly helping me and elder Jackson out
here and its just so humbling to see how little we are in this work
and how much we need him in order to get ANYTHING done. But me and
elder Jackson just got back from out Christmas practice thing, we are
doing this skit thing for our Christmas devosinal this coming wednsday
and our skit will OWN!!! Its SOOOO funyy, I cant wait to send it home
to u guys u will laugh ur heads off…. plus we played a ton of
football too it was SICK!

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