Monday, December 13, 2010

Well this week was pretty sweet. Last Monday we had a sweet p-day followed buy a lot of teaching, so this is pretty much how it is for us right now, we leave the apartment and walk for about 4 hours just getting punted and finding and there is noone cause there all out in the bukid planting there rice, then 5 roles around and after that we are running from each appointment and in like 2 hours we get 4 appointsments, so its pretty nuts. Our district meeting was AWESOME just cause every one of the district mates was involved and sharing, I was worried it wasn’t going to be so long, but with all there sharing it was actually to long, and we learned a lot, so it was way good, then I had a split with elder pincoc and he interviewd are investigators that we baptized this wee, genevice and jennieffer Ill have to send a pic, but it was a sick sick baptism, got me and jacson repumped for the work again and I love it, we should start having a baptism almost every week starting in about 2 weeks, we have HUGE potential it is crazy, lets just say by the end of this week we could have like 15 people of more with a baptismal date, god is just blessing us a TON its crazy. And then the ward is so awesome, I love them all so much, if I leave this coming 28th I will be pretty dang sad, I LOVE my area, and the people. But its cool, ill just build the next area up as much as I can too with gods help. But that is pretty much the week, with a few crazy things that happened inbetween and stuff, this week was just all about the work and getting people ready for baptism and everything, then last night we found out that this less acvtive family we have brought to church is now paying tithing!!! Witch is a big thing by the wy, it was AWESOME.

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